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Video Signoff
Video Signoff
Video Signoff

Engage HIGH PAYING CLIENTS With A Simple To Use 100% Cloud Based SaaS Platform. Video Signoff helps you secure a never ending stream of CLIENTS WHO NEED WEB VIDEO. This point and click software lets you take a video, drop it into a businesses webpage and show them how amazing it looks. In minutes, not hours or days.

It creates a near perfect replica of their page so nothing effects their website. And because it’s so quick you can approach so many more businesses. Just pick one of their pages, add your video to it and invite them to look at it.

Video Signoff Overview:

  • Vendor: Stev Forster
  • Product Name: Video Signoff
  • Launch Date: 2019-Mar-01
  • Product Price: $349.00
  • Official Website

Video Signoff Review:

Video Signoff can have you signing up more business than ever
Thanks to our cutting edge technology a business can see exactly how good your video looks on their website before they buy it. Sounds couter intuitive but it’s not.

They love their website, it drives business. If they love your video in the page you’re almost assured of a sale. It’s a great approach because they can see the difference. In many cases your video will breathe life into the page and they will notice.

No need to involve their web team and no need to tell them it only took you minutes to create the showcase page they are vewing. Did we mention it’s FAST?

Video Signoff Review
Video Signoff Review

In this case we’ve provided the business with 3 examples of how video can improve their page. They’ll be drawn to the one they like the most. And if they like the video in 2 places it opens the door for more work.

With VideoSignoff you can create showcase pages for all sorts of businesses. Lawyers, Medical Centers, Restaurants or any business you choose. How Work Video Signoff Software? Watch Video Signoff Demo here.

Video Signoff Features:

  • Drag & Drop Showcase Page Builder
  • Unlimited Showcase Pages
  • Client Grabbing Tips & Strategies
  • TEAM SEAT: 3 Users (built for collaboration)
  • Templates: Create Sales, Lead and Landing Pages
  • 24/7 Support Desk System

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