Do You Have A Facebook Content Strategy?

#100DayChallenge ~ Day 89 ~ Do You Have A Facebook Content Strategy?




Facebook Content Strategy



What is a Facebook Content Strategy?



Content Strategy is a plan that assures your Facebook content actually is supporting your overall social media marketing goals. A content strategy should also include your true, authentic voice that’s used constantly to engage fans and grow communities.



I am a firm believer that you must be an authentic and engaging person online in order to connect with people and grow your business. If you just create a fake persona that you want to be, people will eventually see through it. Be yourself!




Why Do You Need A Facebook Content Strategy?



It’s important to make sure you are posting consistently on Facebook. Like making sure your not posting too little or not enough. You also need a Content Strategy to widen your audience by creating a large variety of content. You always want to provide value and not just spamming people or always asking them to buy something.



A good rule of thumb I learned from Boom! Social Media Mastery, is to setup your Content Strategy to promote your business using the 80/20 Rule.




80% Valuable Content and 20% Business Promotion.




Do You Have A Facebook Content Strategy?



Basically, this can be a set of business goals that you want to achieve. Having any type of strategy is a great way to stay on track and motivate yourself. You should sit down and write out at least 5 Social Media Marketing Goals to start with. List them in rankings like highest to lowest.


Facebook Content Strategy

Here are some Social Media Goals that mold my Facebook Content Strategy:



  1. Promote my primary business and other online marketing products
  2. Educate the social media and online marketing community
  3. Inspire and motivate others within and surrounding the community
  4. Promote my blog and business opportunities
  5. Grow my social media community and my business



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  • Motivational and Inspiring Quotes
  • Personal (Looks into your personal life)
  • Promotions
  • Social Media Tips & Tricks
  • Humorous
  • Company News (Your primary business)
  • Blog Website






  • Motivational and Inspiring Quotes 2 POST PER DAY
  • Personal (Looks into your personal life) 1 POST PER DAY
  • Promotions 1/2 POST PER DAY*
  • Social Media Tips & Tricks 2 POST PER DAY
  • Humorous 1 POST PER DAY
  • Company News (Your primary business) 1/2 POST PER DAY*


 *Company News and Promotions are set up for only 1/2 a day because of only posting one of them per day; Company News post one day and Promotions the next, and so on.
**Blog posts will depend on how often you post a new blog. If you don’t have a blog, you can always promote another blog. There are millions of wonderful blogs online! If you need one to promote, feel free to include mine! =)




Facebook Content Strategy ~ SCHEDULE & TRACK



The next step is to setup a daily schedule for your Facebook Content Strategy. Based on the previous information you can create a schedule like I did below. I’m using the Boom! Social Media Mastery Facebook Fan Page Content Tracking Matrix.



Facebook Content Strategy


You can notice pretty quickly that your Facebook Content Strategy has time frames to post each piece of content. Your Twitter Content Strategy should have more content and smaller time frames since it requires more postings (That’s for another blog post).



OK… so now you have an idea of how you can implement your own Facebook Content Strategy. I challenge you to use this technique for 3-4 weeks. Then you can check your Facebook Insights to see just how well it’s working for you. The data will speak for itself. I guarantee that you will learn more about your audience and find out what’s working and what’s not.





  • What methods do you use for your Facebook Content Strategy?
  • Are you tracking your success and failures?
  • Have you tried these methods? If so, please comment and let me know how it’s going.



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