Are You Analyzing…or Taking Action?

What path will grow your business faster?

What systems or tools work best?
It’s a common question that comes up all the time with people that are starting a home business. 

People ask if they should try a certain strategy, or how certain leaders become successful.

What type of presentation gives the best results?
What tools are most effective?
What marketing materials work best?

Are you one of those “Analyzers”?

Ask yourself these questions;

1. Are you one of those people who spend time investigating, analyzing, and looking for an easy, cheap way to become an overnight success?

2. And/or do you have people on your team that seem to find it easier, and safer, to stay in a state of continuous investigation, in order to avoid actually doing something to build their business?

Are you or your team members suffering from “Analysis Paralysis”?analysis

It’s a common ailment that people suffer from.  What’s the treatment or cure?


Go out and actually do something!
Maybe even make your first prospecting presentation.

If you spend any more time investigating theories and strategies, nothing will happen!

Your business will never get off the ground, let alone GROW!

So what about you?  What about your team?

Are you (or people on your team) doing everything except contacting prospects?

Are you (or your team) always putting together a new brochure or presentation that will fix all the problems of your business?

Are you (or your team) so busy with “busy work” that no one is spending time actually sharing the business and recruiting new customers and team members?

Do yourself and your team a BIG favor if you see this happening in your business;

Go out and actually do something that will build your business.
Make a phone call. Schedule and do a business presentation.
Sign up a new customer.  Sponsor a new distributor.
And repeat, over and over and over again.

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