Business Growth Follows Personal Growth

“If you are not learning while you’re earning, you are cheating yourself out of the better portion of your compensation.”
~ Napoleon Hill

And, it’s a VERY true statement.

Learning Builds Belief

You must build belief to be successful and belief is the
one area people most often struggle with.

The lack of belief, either in themselves, Network Marketing as a
profession, or their company/products, is what stops
most people in their tracks.

It’s what holds us back from making one more phone call

when that person we were SURE would be interested tells
us no; or someone laughs at our decision.

Simple Steps You Can Do Today!

Here are 2 simple things you can for you to begin a personal growth

journey, and expand it to your team, so it duplicates;

1 – Start a book of the month program, first for yourself and

then get your team on board as quickly as possible.

Choose 12 books for the next 12 months so you know

exactly what you are going to be reading and having the
team read.

Create a team facebook page for discussing the books,

sharing ideas and feedback.

2 – Attend events and get your team to events!

Plan a casual team get together before hand to invite others.

Hold a casual team get-together after the event to mastermind and review what was learned. 
It is a great way to collaborate and build belief and team energy.

These two simple steps are a great start to your own

journey to success through personal growth!

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