Why I LOVE My Global Business?

The View is GREAT from here!
My Hong Kong View


Several months ago, my family and I began our latest adventure…


We’ve recently moved to Hong Kong, and this is the view from our new apartment.

Funny…24 years ago we were married back in Pennsylvania.

I was born and raised in a small town north of Pittsburgh.

When I was growing up I really didn’t think about living anywhere else,

let alone outside of the US!

Fast forward 24 years, and this is move #11!


We have now lived in 10 different cities, 7 different states, and 3 different countries.

It has been an incredible experience! We literally have friends in every corner of the globe, and have experienced things others only get to see in pictures and read about.

Some of the amazing things I’ve done?

Rode Elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Walked a mile on the Great Wall in China

Stood at the top of Tokyo Tower in Japan…

And now I get another great opportunity to explore Hong Kong!

And you know what the best part is?

My business is truly global, and a move half-way around the globe doesn’t stop me!

This was a key reason I got involved in this wonderful profession over 5 years ago.

Maybe you can relate….


As much as I enjoyed following my husband from assignment to assignment in “the corporate world”, it made it very difficult for me to have a career. And frankly, after having a taste of my own traditional business, not only did I NOT want to be an employee, I really didn’t want the headaches of running a traditional business either.

I really didn’t think there were any other options…
until I discovered this wonderful world of
Network Marketing and the power of working and building a business using the Internet.

Ok…I’ll admit it!. Initially, I was NOT excited.
But here is the thing…I didn’t know what I didn’t know.
Let me explain…

I didn’t know that….

I could build a business from anywhere in the world, with just a computer, and a phone….

I could have a business and NOT have to lug around inventory, do home parties, and get people to buy stuff they really didn’t need….

And I didn’t need a college degree and years of work experience to have success.

(ok..let me also admit…I LOVE going to those parties…I LOVE buying the stuff…I just didn’t want to be the one selling it and doing that type of work).

All I needed to build a successful global business was the following:

1) A desire and willingness to get started.

2) A willingness to be coach-able and follow a system that has worked for others (and made them MILLIONS in the process)

3) Work hard and be consistent over time.

So I got started… And I haven’t looked back!

Since starting in my new profession over 6 years ago, I have moved twice, and I know we have more moves in our future. But I’m still working and building a successful business, from home, with a computer and a phone (and a good internet connection, too).

And you know what the best part is?
I get to help others, every day, do the same thing!

The more I learn about this industry, the more I love it!


If you have ever been curious about this “work from home” arena, and would like to learn more, I would love to share more of my experience with you!

You can also learn more about my primary business here:


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