Online Success In 6 Easy Steps


6 Steps To Online Success



People are often ask me, “How do you have success in an online business?


I tell them it’s pretty simple if you follow the following steps:happy-woman


1. Blogging daily – Have some type of website or blog where you are sharing content each day. It really only takes 10 to 20 minutes a day when you get the hang of it.


2. Market – Market your content or blog posts. Let the world know about it through social media and syndication.


3. Build Your List – Build an email list of subscribers who want to hear from you. This allows you to build a following and get people back to your blog.


4. Build A Relationship – Nurture and respect the relationship you build with your list. Many people will follow you for years when you do this.


5. Connect & Engage – Connect on social media with your list and engage them. On occasion market your products and services to your list. They are on your list for a reason and usually want what you are offering.


6. Learn & Grow – Take some time everyday to work on your education or personal development. This will really help you to stay fresh and motivated.


That’s pretty much it. Simple to follow and really ensures your success online.

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…and follow the simple steps. It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.


If you are still looking for that right business and right mentor, I would love to explore that possibility with you.

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Starting Your New Business Is Just Like Your First Bike Ride

Starting Your New Business Is Just Like Your First Bike Ride



Starting Your New Business Is Just Like Your First Bike Ride


People can TELL you how to ride a bike. You can watch videos and read books on how to ride a bike. You can hire the best teacher in the world to tell you how to ride a bike.


But there is only one way to learn to ride a bike…bicycle




Sometimes when people start a new home business they fall in this trap. They do everything except get on the bike. They watch videos, they make plans, they attend webinars but they don’t take that next step and actually start DOING their business.


Why? It’s usually because of belief that they can do it or they think it’s hard.

The irony is that if they just “Got On The Bike” and started peddling they would find that their business becomes easier and easier to do each day.


Having the right system can help with the process and make “Riding That Bike” easier.


If you would like to see the system I highly recommend, click the link to watch the video below…


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…and follow the simple steps. It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.




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Build A Solid Business With Just 2 Prospects A Day!

Wouldn’t you agree that anyone who is serious about their business can connect with 2 people a day? How would this change your business success? It doesn’t matter what company you are with, what product you represent or how new or old you are in your business, people are the lifeblood!


Talk To PeopleThe power in just talking to 2 people a day about your business or your products is staggering. It may not seem like much that day (and on the other hand, it may seem like a TON) at the end of the month, you’ll have talked to 60 people.


I would be willing to bet, if you are doing things correctly and keeping the needs of the person to whom you are speaking in mind, you are going to have some level of success to report back at the end of that month!


Consistency in this business is CRITICAL!


If you are feeling overwhelmed and as if you are struggling, stop for a minute and determine what your 5 most important action steps are EACH DAY and EACH WEEK.


Certainly, talking to 2 people a day would move you forward if it was on your daily action list.


Who do you know who wants to earn extra income in their own business?


Try it and see what happens.


Are you in a business you love to create this? That’s awesome! Get busy and take action.


Are you still looking for that right business? I would love to share more about what I am doing.


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…and follow the simple steps. It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.


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Everybody Has A Why, What Is Your Why?


Do you have a WHY? Many people get this confused with wanting to earn a lot of money in their business. In reality though money is usually not a strong enough WHY to keep people focused on their goals.


Your why may be as simple as being able to stay home with the kids, or quitting that second job. Maybe you want to travel the world or do charitable work. Yes all of these take money but the root of your WHY should be deeper if you want something to drive you to success… to keep you on the right track on days you want to quit.why-questionmark


One thing I always recommend is you write your WHY down and post it where you can see it every day. On a bathroom mirror, refrigerator, in your car…something you will see every day. Adding photos or creating a vision board can also help.


Having a strong WHY is really critical to long-term success. It’s part of YOUR story.


Tell me what your WHY is bellow in the comments box. I’d love to hear about it.


…and if you are looking for “Something” to help you get that WHY, I encourage you to check out this video. It’s really helped a lot of people figure out HOW to accomplish their WHY.


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…and follow the simple steps. It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.




Tony Gibson

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The Big Reason Why We Strive For More!


Mankind has always been on a quite for more. Take a look at the history of the world. Almost every invention or breakthrough has started out with a strong “Why”.


The Wright Brothers broke all odds and built a flying machine with simple tools and materials while the world told them they couldn’t do it.why we strive for more

Thomas Edison failed hundreds and hundreds of times while he invented the light bulb. He could have quit many times but he had a strong “Why” he wanted to succeed. To help millions of people around the world have a safer way to light their homes.


Even today most of us strive for something better in life.


But there is a growing problem. Most of society these days are being brought up to believe that to get ahead in life you have to:


– Get a degree at college
– Land your dream job where you get to sit in a cubicle for 40 to 60 hours a week
– Fight traffic for 90 minutes a day getting to that dream job
– Worry about lay-offs, cut-backs and office politics
– After 40 years you get to retire and hopefully live off a fixed income in your glory years.


Now I’m not knocking jobs. Many people are very happy at what they do and I respect that.


However the TRUTH is that 85% of everyone walking around you want’s one of 2things:


1. More Time
2. More Money


Usually they want both.


You see something happens to many people when they hit 40. They start wondering if this is it! They started out with bigger dreams, bigger ambitions but LIFE got in the way and they ended up just “Settling” for things.


So if 85% of everyone want’s more time and money…why aren’t they doing something about it?


Actually a lot of them are. In fact millions of people every day go on the Internet and Type in “Work At Home Jobs”


What is their motivation?


They have a burning “Why!”


They want more money to get ahead in life or want to spend more time with loved ones instead of working to death and one day waking up and realizing that they missed out on a big part of life.


Your “Why” is the reason you take action. It’s the driving reason for most successful people.


What is your “Why”? I’d love to hear your answer…just comment below.


Are you looking for more TIME or MONEY in your life? You are not alone! Millions of others each day are looking.


Right now you are reading this blog post and perhaps thinking to yourself, “Ya…I want that!”…but you are not quite sure where to look.


Well if you are opening to “Looking” at something that you can start from home, have no inventory and primarily create in come just using your computer… you owe it to yourself to watch a video that might be of interest to you.


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…and follow the simple steps. It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.




Tony Gibson

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What Stops Good People From Making Money Online

Are you ready for a transformation?

Life changing income?

A solid, lucrative system for making money online?

Congratulations! You are in the right place, which you’ll soon see as you read on….

Whether you are that person who is struggling to be successful in a home based business; or a seasoned, successful business builder looking for a way to take your business online; or someone looking to cut through the layers of hype, fluff and bogus information and “systems”, you will love what you find here.

Our vision at Pure Leverage is quite different than what you may have found in other companies, and other systems. We are different because we are truly committed in not only providing you with top notch products to market, sell and profit from; a lucrative pay plan where you keep most all of the profits; but also the training and mentoring you need to be successful.

We offer something that works for “the little guy”; the part timer; the stay home mom; the “non guru” who doesn’t have time to figure out complicated systems, set up and marketing.

We also offer something for the full time, home business internet marketer who wants to add a primary or additional income stream.

If you’ve looked around, or been involved in some other programs, you know what I am talking about.

The confusion, the frustration is overwhelming, and causes most people to throw up their hands in despair. Learning how to market; be an entrepreneur; and finding real success can be challenging.

We are here to change that for you and anyone looking for a change.

Here are some statistics you’ll find interesting:

Every 11 seconds, someone starts a new home based business.

Over 70 Million People earn an income in Home Based Internet and Network Marketing and Direct Sales.

Sadly, fewer than 5% people in this industry do it full time.

And the reason? Because they can’t afford to do it full time.  In the past, there just has not been enough time in the day to work a full time job, care for a family and other obligations and then try to build a side business and create the income needed to quit the job.

The reality is, many of the “old methods” of building a leveraged income takes way too long. Calling family and friends; begging people who have no interest to take a look; scheduling home meetings and constantly looking for new people to show your business to – it’s a long, slow, painful process.

Not any more!

The internet changed everything.

With over 3 million people a DAY logging on and looking for a way to make money, doesn’t it make sense to put yourself out there, with your business, so that some of those people can find you?

Our #1 priority is to help you grow and prosper; not only financially, but personally, and give you the ability to not only create positive change in your own life, but also the lives of others, all around the globe.

We’ve built our system around the average, normal, non-guru individual, who wants to learn how to make an income, online, without home parties, hotel meetings, grinding it out on the phones, calling leads and people who aren’t really interested or motivated.

As you plug into our system, follow our training, you are going to find the success you are looking for.

What are those things that every successful online business owner needs?

A blog or website – we offer you a turn key blogging platform, pre-formatted and ready to go; integrated with social media marketing components

Lead Capture – you’ll get a fully functional lead capture system, pre-configured with sales letters that convert and sell!

Marketing training – no business succeeds without marketing; you’ll get world class marketing training on how to attract leads and prospects; connect with them and convert them to paid sales!

Leadership and Mindset Training – becoming an entrepreneur is a skill set you can learn, and we will teach you how to lead and succeed!

Products to Sell – You will earn a very lucrative income marketing the Pure Leverage system and products; or sell your own or other products and services right from the Pure Leverage Platform.

So, there you have it – a turn key system and the training to be successful.

And, do you know what one of the #1 selling products is online right now? Information Products – the “how to’s” for doing different things. And, what is one of the top selling information products? How to Make Money….

Guess what we sell here at Pure Leverage? Along with the tools to run an online business, we offer the “How To Make Money” Information Products…

Maybe you have already been successful building a business, whether in Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Internet Marketing, or whatever,. And, maybe you have been frustrated because you’ve had a hard time helping your team actually make money, too.

It is one thing to live the home business lifestyle, without a boss, a job or an alarm clock; it’s another thing to live the INTERNET lifestyle – where automated income and truly making money while you sleep is a reality.

So, if you are ready to take action, earn daily income, and residual income, on a leveraged basis, click the banner to the right to learn more.