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Family Christmas Gift Ideas

Over the last few years, the economy has gotten worse. Keeping that in mind, gifts at the holidays have become harder to afford and ideas for family Christmas gifts have been harder to think of while still staying within a budget. So with keeping this in mind, my family and I started the tradition of celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas. Twelve days before Christmas, we give each member of our immediate family, a small, inexpensive, wrapped gift. And over the years we have gotten very creative with ideas for family Christmas gifts. Most of these gifts have been hand-made through the year and we try hard to fit the gift to the person. For example, I am an avid reader. To fit presents to me, I have been given home-made bookmarks (as I always seem to lose my place and I have been told that it is very cruel to books to fold the corner down to mark my place). My wife is proud of her nails. She had the habit of biting them for several decades and one day she just stopped. The children love to shop for a special bottle of holiday colored nail polish for mom to wear over the holidays. One of my children is an artist-in-training and loves to draw, so crayons or colored pencils are an excellent idea.

The first year we did the Twelve Days of Christmas, the children groaned a bit but once they found out that they would get a present a day for twelve days instead of just one, they were super excited and couldn’t wait to get started.

Each year we usually start on the gifting process in September. That way it gives all of us plenty of time to make our gifts. Granted, we don’t make everything; however there is a limit of $3.00 on any one gift that needs or wants to be purchased. For example, one year my wife took some candid shots of each of the children separately and together to frame and give to me as one of my gifts and a frame was purchased for each photo so the cost of the frame and photo could not exceed $3.00 for any one framed photo. Incidentally, those framed photos are proudly displayed in my office.

The children are responsible for wrapping gifts. My wife works with each child to help wrap and tag gifts. Each gift has a name and a number for the day (such as day 1, day 2 and so on). I help the children with gifts for mom so that she isn’t let in on the secret until the day she gets the present. Each evening, after dinner, we can all go to the tree and get our gift for the day. We all sit around the tree and each opens up his or her gift so that the whole family can enjoy the moment.

And of course, Santa makes his way down the chimney on Christmas morning; what Christmas would be complete without a visit from the big guy in red?

Ideas for Thank-you Gifts

Thank you gift ideas

A friend or college does a huge favor for you and you want to say thank-you in some way. What kind of ideas are there for thank-you gifts? Of course, simple ideas could be a thank-you card or a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant. I think that it is better to put some extra thought into an idea for a thank-you gift.

I think one of the best ideas for a thank-gift is something a bit more personal and heart-felt such as something hand-made such as a candy bouquet or a baked item or even a hand-crafted card. Hand-crafted or hand-made items or even home-baked items come from the heart and show gratitude and appreciation.

A simple candy bouquet is simple and economical to make and here is an easy tutorial to help you make your first one and then after, that you can experiment with your creative imagination.

Supplies needed:

  • Styrofoam block
  • Popsicle sticks
  • 10 candy bars (you can do more if you wish) or snacks like Slim Jims; basically you want to have snacks for your bouquet that will work well when glued to a popsicle stick
  • 4 boxes of movie size candy (like Whoppers)
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Shredded tissue paper (to use as a filler)

In order find these items, shop at Dollar Tree or your local hobby shop.

The first thing you will do is to hot glue the movie size boxes of candy around each side of the Styrofoam block. It works best if you set the block up on one end and hot glue the movie size boxes of candy so that the words are going up and down instead of side to side. While that is drying, you will want to hot glue popsicle sticks to the candy bars and let them dry. Once the glue is dry, stick the candy into the Styrofoam block to create your bouquet.  In order to hide the popsicle sticks, you can glue the shredded tissue paper around the edges.

Some other ideas instead of making a vase to hold the candy is to put a Styrofoam block or circle in a cup or clay pot that you decorated. Possibilities are virtually endless.

Of course, another great idea for a thank-you gift is a home-made treat such as cookies, banana bread, pumpkin bread, or some other delectable treat.

Here is a quick cookie recipe:

Cake Mix Cookies

1 box any flavor cake mix (Duncan Hines works best)

2 eggs

½ cup vegetable oil

Add ½ cup oil and 2 eggs to one box of cake mix. Add chips or nuts, if desired. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Once the cookies are cooled, put them into a pretty container for easy giving.

I have made these cookies for years as the recipe was passed down from my mother to me. I have made cookies from all flavors of cake mixes and used add-ins such as chocolate chips, mint chips and m and m’s and they all turn out wonderfully flavorful.

Thank you gifts do not need to be extravagant to be thoughtful; gifts from the heart make a nice impression.

How To Quit Smoking While Pregnant

x6Discover How To Quit Smoking While Pregnant

The procedure involved in how to quit smoking while pregnant is pretty much the same as for anyone else. However, there are a few things that might differ slightly. Most importantly, you should know there are some risks involved when smoking while pregnant. Smoking increases your chances of having a miscarriage or premature labor. Babies born from smoking mothers usually have a low birth weight and some are stillborn. By not quitting smoking you also run a risk of severe bleeding after the delivery of your baby. So, smoking while pregnant not only harms you, but also your unborn child.

Decide To Quit Smoking

Just make up your mind and make a conscious decision that you are going to stop smoking. Fix a date to start and mark it on your calendar; and don’t waver from it. You will not be successful in quitting if you aren’t 100% committed. If you can’t seem to bring yourself to do it for yourself; do it for your baby.

It isn’t only important that you quit smoking while pregnant, but if your partner is also a smoker encourage them to quit also. You don’t really want to bring a newborn baby home to a house full of smoke and toxins. A baby has sensitive lungs and sure doesn’t deserve being poisoned inside and outside the womb.

Best Way To Quit Smoking

In considering how to quit smoking while pregnant, cold turkey is the best way to go. If you take your time and work at it gradually it might take you all nine months to stop completely.

Round up all the support of family and friends that you possibly can to help you succeed. Having accountability will make you more likely to stick to the plan. There are even online groups you can join for support.

Quitting smoking cold turkey is difficult so don’t be afraid to use a nicotine replacement. Chewing gum, using a patch or sucking a lozenge is still far safer for the baby than the cigarette smoke with all of its toxins. At least with the replacement aids the only thing you are getting is the nicotine. And it’s the nicotine which is in reality the agent that your body is addicted to anyway.

House Cleaning For Quitting Smoking

Get rid of all the ashtrays, lighters, cigarettes and anything else related to your smoking life. When cleaning your house, take the time to clean it from top to bottom. Even if you can’t smell it now because your sense of smell doesn’t work right when you smoke, there is a buildup of residual smoke on your walls, furniture and carpets. Once you quit smoking you will better appreciate the clean fresh smell of your home.

When you are trashing all of your smoking supplies, don’t just cleanse your home. Don’t forget about the car, office, garage and any of the other places that you used to smoke. Getting rid of it all will remove all forms of temptation.

Adopt A Healthier Lifestyle

Include your doctor in your plan on how to quit smoking while pregnant. They will support you and provide suggestions to help make it easier and safer for you. Something which will help you while you quit smoking is drinking lots of water and other fluids. This helps to flush the toxins and garbage out of your body and will get you on the right track for after the baby delivery. Adopting a healthier diet is advisable as sometimes constipation can become an issue while quitting smoking and also during pregnancy. Focus on fruits and vegetables and other sources of fiber to avoid getting bunged up. You will be amazed how great your body will start to feel!

Take it easy on yourself and try to avoid stress. You are human and are subject to relapsing back to having a cigarette. Don’t become discouraged though; just pick yourself up and start over again with a stronger resolve. The process on how to quit smoking while pregnant is to take it day by day and one step at a time.


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18th birthday gift ideas

Turning 18 is a big time in your life—you are no longer a child but an adult and the present has to be special so what would be some ideas for an 18th birthday gift? I know that I am always on the lookout for something different and unusual—something that really fits the person. Sure, you can always give money as gift but personally I want to give something more unique; something that will be remembered.

There is always the barrage of electronics to choose from as an idea for an 18th birthday gift. There are video games, iPods, digital cameras, computers and computer equipment and cell phones. Other ideas for 18th birthday gift ideas are gift cards that are useable at any store (such as MasterCard or Visa gift cards or even gas gift cards). Gift cards are especially useful if that 18 year old is going away to college. While all of these gift ideas are super and will be liked (hey what 18 year old wouldn’t like a new Galaxy S IV?), they are still not unique enough for my taste.

Turning 18 is something that everyone must go through. It’s an emotional time for some as usually graduating or going off to college go hand-in-hand with turning 18. So an idea for an 18th birthday gift should be extra special.

A unique 18th birthday gift idea that would be really fitting is a scrapbook that commemorates from babyhood through age 17. Some events to include are:

  • Birthday parties
  • Special friends
  • Graduations (kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school if applicable)
  • Holidays
  • First date
  • Extra-curricular activities

The sky is the limit here! There is a huge selection of scrapbooking materials and embellishments in your local craft or hobby store. You can also create a digital scrapbook by using a software program such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

Another creative and unique idea for an 18th birthday gift is filling a nice, decorated box or gift bag with 18 little things that he/she likes or has special meaning such as seashells if he/she is a beach lover, concert tickets for a favorite band or a bookmark for a book lover. This is a thoughtful idea for anyone to receive. It shows that you really put thought into your gift selection.

I personally feel that homemade gift make the best gifts as into these homemade gifts, goes a lot of thought and love and also a little piece of me. A homemade gift is not necessarily a needlecraft or one that takes months to finish. There are many simpler handcrafted things that can be made such as a candy bouquet or a handmade birthday card with a something inserted in the card such as a gift card or movie tickets.

With just some time and a little imagination, you can make or find a thoughtful gift for an 18th birthday.  The ideas for an 18th birthday gift are virtually endless.

Get Paid To Quit Smoking

Main-picture1Now You Can Get Paid To Quit Smoking

Smoking costs you several hundreds of dollars per year, so why not consider the option to get paid to quit smoking. That in essence is what happens when you stop lighting up anyways. By saving all that money you normally would spend on cigarettes, you are actually getting paid an enormous amount of cash. There are some other ways to get paid to quit smoking other than just the money you save when you quit.

The Yale University Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory is actually running some clinical research studies dealing with stopping smoking. Earnings range from $740 to $1,976 which is quite a chunk of change.

Tenex Quit Smoking Study

If you are between the ages of 18 and 60 and smoke cigarettes on a daily basis you might be able to participate. They are offering you to get paid to quit smoking while testing the effectiveness of the blood pressure medication Tenex and how it may influence smoking behavior. This program has three phases. You earn your first $20 for the screening phase when you are asked questions to determine if you qualify for the study. Another $20 is paid for your next appointment which involves a physical exam. Once you are determined to be eligible to take part in the study, you enter the second phase. It consists of three weeks of medication and you attend two thirty minute visits each week. Following this you will have two laboratory sessions. The final portion of this second phase involves you being randomly given either Tenex or placebo tablets to take. While taking the pills you are required to complete questionnaires via computer. Phase three is the quit smoking phase. You set a date to quit. The medication is continued plus you receive four weeks of counseling to aid you in your stop smoking endeavor. Follow up appointments will be conducted at week six and week ten after you quit smoking which will conclude the study. If you consistently follow the program and see it through to completion you can earn up to $740.

Chantix and Zyban Smoking Study

This study’s purpose is to look at the effects of medications used for smoking cessation and how they affect smoking behavior. Participation involves a reward of $345 which you will get paid to quit smoking. Two phases make up this study. To be part of the study you have to be between the ages of 18 and 55 and smoke cigarettes daily. Phase one is the screening phase and involves two appointments. One is asking questions about your health and smoking history and pays $20. Secondly you are required to undergo a physical exam paying another $20. The second phase has a one week period where you take medication and attend two short visits followed by a laboratory session. At this time you will be given either Chantix, Zyban or placebo tablets. This lab session runs from about 9 am to 6 pm. You will be completing questionnaires, smoking and working on the computer. There will be free time while not working on specific study related activities.

Stress and Smoking Behavior Study

If you smoke daily and are between the ages of 18 and 55 you can get involved in this study. They are seeking to determine how mood affects your desire to smoke. There is an initial appointment asking you questions about your smoking and health history to see if you qualify to participate and will pay you $20. A second interview worth $20 is conducted and lasts about a half hour. The final phase consists of two laboratory days beginning at 9 am and ending about 3:30 pm. Throughout these sessions you will be filling out questionnaires and smoking. There will be free time when not working on study information. This study is worth $478 which is a nice sum to get paid to quit smoking.

These are only a few examples of ways to make some money and try to quit smoking in the process. Other money making opportunities exist on the internet; all you have to do is look for them. Why not improve your health drastically and get paid to quit smoking all at the same time?

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Homeopathic Quit Smoking

xmonks2Go Natural With Homeopathic Quit Smoking

When you are planning to stop smoking you don’t have to use any drugs or nicotine aids anymore because there are many homeopathic quit smoking options. The side effects will not be as severe and in fact these homeopathic preparations may indeed overcome nicotine addiction.

What Does Homeopathic Mean?

Homeopathy refers to remedies that are made from medicinal plants, minerals and animals. It is considered that homeopathy has the ability of promoting self healing within the body. With the use of homeopathy, the body can actually cleanse itself of the nicotine. The medical profession does not recognize or give much credit to homeopathy, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. More specifically, doctors don’t often suggest using the homeopathic quit smoking method. A suggestion is made that when ordering or buying homeopathic quit smoking products that you buy ones with a money back guarantee as they don’t always work as promised.

There are various herbs that can be used individually for withdrawal symptoms when quitting smoking. In addition, there are combinations of herbs combined together and sold as specific products.

Herbs And How They Work

An extract taken from the tobacco plant, tabacum, works well to relieve withdrawal symptoms. It might seem odd to use a tobacco derivative, but in this case it doesn’t have any of the carcinogenic chemicals that are in cigarettes.

To overcome insomnia, increased appetite, the jitters and nervousness there are a few different homeopathic quit smoking herbs. St. John’s Wort is one of these herbs. Normally, it is used mainly for depression, but has proven helpful in overcoming nicotine addiction. It’s natural calming effect deals with the stresses of quitting smoking. Lobelia is another herb which works as a homeopathic quit smoking aid. It creates the same effect in the body as nicotine, but without the harmful effects. Just like nicotine raises the dopamine levels in the brain, lobelia also works similarly.

Keep in mind that any and all herbal and homeopathic preparations should only be used under a doctor’s supervision. Always take any homeopathic quit smoking products to your physician before using them. Some of these natural products can be dangerous and have severe side effects. Also, there may be medications which you are taking that would not be safe with these products.

Botanic Choice Homeopathic Stop Smoking Formula

These tablets are designed to reduce your nicotine craving when quitting smoking. Its contents are sweet scented spurge laurel, rose apple Malabar plum tree, American arum, stavesacre, marking nut, quaker buttons and tabacum. This product is used for sudden cravings. The dosage consists of chewing or dissolving one to four tablets daily.

Smoke Deter Homeopathic Sublingual Spray

This homeopathic quit smoking product is suitable for anyone ages twelve years old and over. You simply administer two sprays under your tongue up to three times daily.

There are numerous herbs in Smoke Deter. Black spruce works to ease coughing, headaches and upset stomach. Monkshood gently calms the mind and anxiety. Arsenicum lodatum soothes dry coughs, burning in the nose and throat and any bronchitis symptoms you are encountering. Avena calms the nerves. St. Ignatius bean helps to overcome the stress associated with nicotine withdrawal. To relieve inflammation of the lungs and bronchi there is Pulmo-porcine. Overcoming the craving for food, insomnia and stress they include Poison nut. They use plantago major for coughing and symptoms of cold. Quibracho treats shortness of breath. Lung wort will aid the lethargy caused by nicotine withdrawal. It has proven to be useful for headaches also. And tabaccum works on the confusion and lack of concentration, nausea and dizziness in addition to your severe cravings for a cigarette.

These are only a few of the options when it comes to homeopathic remedies you can choose to use for stopping smoking. Even if this method isn’t proven totally useful, if you want to go more natural, trying the homeopathic quit smoking plan is well worth giving a whirl.

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Quit Smoking Diary

smokinglogo1qs31Using A Quit Smoking Diary Helps

A profitable tool in stopping smoking is the use of a quit smoking diary. Using a diary can be something you use on your own in a personal endeavor to stop smoking. If you feel the need for support or encouragement to succeed in quitting smoking then there are some online quit smoking diary programs to consider trying.

Stop Smoking Plan

If you are going to quit smoking it requires you making a plan. Choose yourself a date and mark it on your calendar; then stick to it! Surround yourself with friends and family that will encourage and support you and make you a success. Getting rid of a bad habit isn’t going to be easy, but definitely attainable with a strong desire and some will power.

Sometimes in order to overcome the addiction to nicotine you might require or have to consider a replacement therapy. There are all types of gums, inhalers, patches and other aids available. Smoking is no longer the cool thing to do, so more efforts are being made to help people quit.

This is an exciting trip you are going on to kick the habit once and for all. You might want to consider keeping a quit smoking diary. Not only will it be positive reinforcement years down the road so you can see where you were and how far you have come. Journals also help you along the route. By charting your temptations to have another cigarette, how you were feeling and maybe what triggered it will be good information to make quitting more possible. You may even want to start your quit smoking diary even before you work on quitting. Get that journal started as soon as you set that date to start on your journey.

Online Diaries

Numerous people that have quit smoking kept a quit smoking diary and used it in a positive way. They have posted their journals online for a couple of reasons. Sometimes it was for their own therapy and to motivate them to press on. Other times, they posted their journals to be an inspiration to others who also want to quit smoking. Don’t be afraid to take a look at some of these quit smoking diary sites. These sites are good to prepare you for some of the problems you might encounter and the withdrawal symptoms that lie ahead. Along with preparing you, these people desire to be role models and advocates for some of the quit smoking programs available.

ALA Freedom From Smoking

The American Lung Association offers a quit smoking program called Freedom From Smoking. It involves eight sessions that lays out the plan step by step making it so easy. This program isn’t only to help you on an individual basis, but it is developed in such a way that participants can help each other. Keeping a quit smoking diary provides a way for you to customize the program to your personal needs and reasons for quitting. Freedom From Smoking has a self help manual which is used for this purpose as part of their clinic online.

Cancer Society Stop Smoking

One of the health issues from smoking is cancer. The Cancer Society offers the Smokers Helpline Online program which is provides individual and group therapy. They have exercises for you to work through on your own time which teach you about quitting, withdrawal issues and how to remain smoke free. Keeping a quit smoking diary in the form of a Cravings Diary is suggested to measure your progress along the way. With the online community provided on this site there is support gained through others who are also trying to quit smoking.

No matter whether you attempt to quit smoking on your own or via through an organization, you will gain a whole new life. Research is showing that non-smokers are often earning more than those who smoke. Using a quit smoking diary is something you will always be able to use as proof of the determination and perseverance that you are capable of in your personal life and on the job.

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Side Effects When You Quit Smoking

images4ccighalfSome Side Effects When You Quit Smoking

Stopping smoking and getting rid of the nicotine in your system will undoubtedly result in side effects when you quit smoking. Even though you have to encounter a bit of discomfort to become smoke free, at least these side effects are only temporary and do pass after a short amount of time. The worst of the withdrawal symptoms will only last for the first few weeks. Once about eight to twelve weeks have passed, there should be basically no more withdrawal.

Physical Withdrawal

Not everyone is going to experience the same side effects when you quit smoking. Some symptoms are fairly common throughout the population who attempt to quit smoking.

Going through nicotine withdrawal is naturally going to create some physical symptoms. Normal withdrawal involves headaches and digestive problems such as cramping and nausea. Other not so common physical effects experienced are tingly hands and feet, periods of excessive sweating and feelings of having a cold. You aren’t really sick when you have the coughing, sore throat and breathing issues. It simply means your lungs are starting to clear themselves of the tar and toxins from the cigarettes you smoked.

To overcome these symptoms or make them less uncomfortable you should drink plenty of water and other fluids. This helps to flush the garbage out of your system and makes any mucus build up easier to cough up and spit out. Digestive problems will also be helped by drinking lots of water and also by maintaining a diet high in fiber such as fruit and vegetables.

Mental and Emotional Withdrawal

Most people quitting smoking report being irritable as one of the side effects when you quit smoking. This isn’t surprising considering that nicotine works like a drug in the body and when it is withheld there is going to be some anxiety and irritability. Trying to relax and reduce stress in your life at this time is helpful. Incorporating exercise or even going for a walk helps to accomplish the serene attitude necessary.

Nicotine is a strong stimulant and even when you aren’t aware of it, your body and mind is kept alert with it. This explains why you experience fatigue and poor energy levels when quitting smoking. If necessary, take short naps or try to reduce your work load during your initial quit smoking efforts.

Another of the side effects when you quit smoking is problems sleeping or insomnia. The nicotine has affected your sleep patterns and brain waves. When quitting smoking your brain has to adjust to new sleep patterns. A helpful remedy is to avoid any sources of caffeine such as coffee and cola because they will only make the insomnia worse.

Overcoming Withdrawal

Naturally you are going to experience moments of desperately wanting another cigarette due to the side effects when you quit smoking. A few steps can be taken to successfully overcome that feeling.

Find a way to distract yourself with something else. Taking up a new hobby or doing something to keep your hands busy and mind occupied will help immensely. Maybe call a friend or take a walk. Drinking water sometimes helps to get rid of your cravings too. Practice relaxation methods such as taking deep breaths or listening to music.

What you have to keep in mind is that side effects when you quit smoking are natural and simply exhibit the body’s ability to heal itself when you do your part to stop putting poisons into it.

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Quit Smoking Detox

quitsmoking4qs1Quit Smoking Detox Leads To Healthiness

It is very normal to go through a quit smoking detox process when you stop smoking. The body has to get rid of all the toxins and poisons which have built up over time and work towards becoming healthy and fit. Naturally, there are going to be some withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of nicotine entering the body. Don’t become too stressed out over it though as the process is rather short lasting and you will feel so much better afterward.

Detoxification Process

A quit smoking detox is obviously going to involve giving up cigarettes and all forms of nicotine. Pick a date, mark it on the calendar and then go for it! Using nicotine replacement products is used in many treatment plans, but removing all forms of nicotine makes the detox much easier. Slowly getting rid of the nicotine only serves to draw out the detoxification and withdrawal period.

Part of the quit smoking detox program is having a plan. Being prepared for the withdrawal symptoms and knowing what you will do in those circumstances will aid in the detox. Little things like eating a healthier diet and drinking lots of water and other fluids helps the body to detoxify much quicker. Planning exercise into the equation will aid in the body health and keep you busy, in addition to having something to do. These steps also will assist you in the prevention of gaining weight which is often associated with stopping smoking.

Be prepared for such things as having trouble sleeping, extreme fatigue and headaches. That means keep some acetaminophen on hand. You must remind yourself that these things are only for a short season and that your health and life will be extended once you weather this short trial.

Detox Symptoms

To totally detoxify the body takes approximately eight to twelve weeks. The initial two weeks are the worst and then the severity decreases. Within six months there should be no more symptoms left.

Any type of substance we put into our bodies on a regular basis creates a dependence and thus becomes an addiction. Withdrawing or stopping the use of cigarettes and other substances leaves the body craving for more until it gets used to not having it anymore.

Some of the physical withdrawal symptoms felt during your quit smoking detox include headaches, cold sweats and a tingly feeling in your hands and feet. Stomach upset like nausea and vomiting may occur in some cases. There might be times you feel like you are getting a cold or having trouble with breathing, coughing and sore throat. Don’t despair as all of these things are just your body telling you it is happy and it is getting rid of all the garbage and toxins that have accumulated over time.

You can expect some emotional and mental changes during the quit smoking detox also. People report having problems sleeping and bouts of depression that last for varying amounts of time. It is not uncommon to experience being irritable, angry and anxious periodically. As the brain clears out the toxins you might have some mental confusion or feelings of vagueness at times.

Combating Detox Symptoms

There are numerable ways to deal with the uncomfortable feelings of withdrawal during detoxification Herbs and various healthy teas can curb some of the intensity of these symptoms. You might want to consider having massage treatments or acupuncture to deal with your stress, in addition to helping you to detoxify. By eating healthier and drinking lots of water it will go a long way in making you feel better and deal with the quit smoking detox in a healthy manner. Never be afraid to seek out a counselor to talk with or a support group in order to help keep yourself sane and not relapse back into smoking. Check out all the sites online that have great ideas to make the detox easier on you. One of these sites is http://www.lung.ca/protect-protegez/tobacco-tabagisme/quitting-cesser/withdrawal-sevrage_e.php which is the Canadian Lung Association website. Their desire is that all people should kick the habit and offer some fabulous quit smoking detox suggestions to help make it happen.

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Quit Smoking Florida Free Patches

Main-picture1Stop Smoking With Quit Smoking Florida Free Patches

The state of Florida is so concerned about their residents that they offer a Quit Now stop smoking program and thus exists the quit smoking Florida free patches. This program has had so much success that it is catching on around the country. People who have smoked all of their lives have been given a new lease on life through the support of this stop smoking program. Sometimes it isn’t a matter of not wanting to quit, but rather not being able to afford the nicotine replacement products in order to quit.

Reason to Quit

For the desire to change to become a reality, there has to be some incentive. Quitting smoking is no different. Just think about all the money you spend on cigarettes and smoking. Not only are you hurting your own health, but when you smoke that secondhand smoke is making others sick.

Nicotine Replacement

Nobody expects you to just quit smoking cold turkey. It is realized that there are withdrawal effects from stopping smoking. This is why the quit smoking Florida free patches program is so popular and supportive. There are numerous types of nicotine replacement available, but Florida likes the patches best and so supplies them free of charge.

Generally, it is the government who funds the stop smoking programs. Even if this is an expense, it in reality cuts down on the money they have to spend later on for health care. Smokers are less inclined to return to smoking once they undergo the program with the quit smoking Florida free patches. It is being proven that the stop smoking programs are much more successful when there is counseling involved along with the patches or nicotine replacement.

How Program Works

The plan begins by you making a toll free call to 1-877-822-6669 to talk to a well trained stop smoking counselor. You are entitled to four sessions of counseling via telephone. During the first call you will be guided in making a plan to quit that is personal and works with your lifestyle. They then provide you with a two week supply of nicotine replacement patches along with other self help materials.

In order to learn more and get the support and help you need to be successful at quitting, there is a website which accompanies this quit smoking Florida free patches plan. The site is http://www.quitnow.net/florida where you can create your own personal plan to quit and profile. Via email you will be sent motivation and education to get rid of your smoking habit. There is also the phone component to the program for live counseling.

There is an entire program called Quit Smoking Now and there are several locations around the state. It is possible to attend six sessions of group counseling which last for about one hour each. Smokers are taught the ways tobacco and nicotine affect the body and health and are given free nicotine replacement patches if deemed necessary and are available as well as a plan is implemented to quit smoking.


There are a few requirements and precautions to the quit smoking Florida free patches implementation. It is mostly meant for people who smoke more than ten cigarettes daily, but want to butt out. And people accessing services must be eighteen or over in age as well as not be using any other types of tobacco.

The patches cannot be used by any woman who is currently pregnant or breastfeeding or who plans on becoming pregnant in the next two months. Care should be taken if the person is taking Wellbutrin, Chantix, Zyban or any similar drugs. Medical advice from your family physician is always important, but particularly if you have suffered from chest pain or had a recent heart attack. Be aware that the patches are a stick on aid and may cause issues for anyone allergic to adhesives.

When considering the alternatives if you just keep smoking and don’t do anything about it to quit, the quit smoking Florida free patches is a win-win opportunity!

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