Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

alcoholfree2Drinking too much alcohol can have severe detrimental effects and therefore, alcohol poisoning treatment must be sought immediately. Alcohol poisoning can be fatal! It occurs from drinking an excessive amount of alcohol too fast in a short time frame and also if household products containing alcohol are consumed.







Alcohol poisoning is a serious situation and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you notice a person with any of the symptoms, it is imperative that you call 911 or seek medical help immediately. Never leave the person unattended if they are unconscious as they could choke to death if vomiting ensues. The gag reflex is not working adequately and aspirating stomach contents is highly likely.



Several symptoms indicate poisoning and it is not necessary to wait until all of them are present before seeking out alcohol poisoning treatment; the sooner the better. Common signs include confusion, vomiting and passing out. Less known symptoms include pale or blue-tinged skin, lower body temperature, breathing that slows to less than eight breaths per minute and irregular breathing with more than ten second gaps in breaths.




Treatment At Home



Alcohol poisoning cannot be adequately treated at home alone, so always call for emergency services or take the patient to the hospital. However, there are some measures which can be taken while waiting for help to arrive.



Never allow the person to go to sleep or just send them home to sleep it off as it could result in death. Vomiting may start, but don’t try to induce vomiting. The gag reflex is not functioning adequately and the person may choke. Always turn the person on their side to make choking less likely and to aid in keeping the airways open. If the person has dozed off, wake them up with whatever measures are needed to do so. Try shaking them, some cold water or if necessary create a pain stimulus. NEVER put them in a cold shower (which is often assumed to be a cure) as it heightens the likelihood of hypothermia. Rather, cover them with some blankets, jackets or anything else handy. Once emergency services arrive, be sure to advise them of anything which was ingested; especially if alcohol and drugs were combined. Mixing drugs and alcohol is responsible for one-third of all deaths in the United States, let alone the rest of the world.




Treatment In Hospital



In hospital, alcohol poisoning treatment involves first and foremost constant monitoring. Keeping the patient awake and observing their breathing patterns is essential. This measure is taken to reduce the likelihood of the patient going into a coma from which they may never wake up. Intravenous fluids are administered to counteract the dehydration caused by perspiring and vomiting. In order to warm up the body, glucose or sugar is given to help regulate the blood sugar levels. It is not uncommon for alcohol poisoning treatment to include pumping the patient’s stomach to quickly remove the excess alcohol before it is further metabolized into the blood stream. With severe cases of alcohol poisoning the blood stream must also be cleansed via kidney dialysis.



Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol is not the safest thing to do. If alcohol is going to be consumed it is wise to eat prior to going out partying and/or drink some milk to help reduce the alcohol absorption rate. Learn to pace your drinks and no guzzling or gulping; stick to sipping. However, if drinking does get out of hand and signs of being ill become evident, be quick to seek alcohol poisoning treatment; it could save a life!