The Power Of Developing A Writing Habit

If you want to become a better writer or blogger, the most important thing you can do is force yourself into a habit that helps you get better. One such way is to join a challenge with others who want to accomplish the same things that you do. A 90 day blogging (or writing) challenge is a great way to force yourself to become accountable to yourself and your peers. Here is a challenge you should find helpful:

Reprinted with permission from Author Development Incubator90 Day Challenge! Are You Up For It?

 Author Development Incubator is here to help people become better writers.

If you have already published something, that is great, but we are not looking exclusively for people who have a body of published works in our ranks. We are here to help those who would like to become a published author.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Write often.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Do your research on the topics that you are writing about.
  • Have a blog of your own where you post your thoughts.
  • Set a goal to write an article (or blog post) each day.

With just these tips, you will find that your writing will improve a lot over the weeks. If you also keep a copy of everything that you have written, you can easily repurpose that content into a book, videos and more.

If you would like to begin with a fast start in mind, I highly recommend you join my 90 day blogging challenge! The challenge is easy, for 90 days, write one blog post each day and post it on your own blog. (if you don’t have a blog yet, I have a great way for you to get one that can also help you earn an income at the same time – just head over to to get an authority blog and a social media marketing group to help you use it to earn an online income while you train to become a published author).

When you have decided to accept the blogging challenge, let me know at
my help desk so that I can publish your blog link on the 90 day challenge
page. Here is the link to my help desk:

We don’t have any hard and fast start dates and times, this is a self policed
system.Your clock starts running when you make your first post! After you have
done your 90 days on your own blog, we will invite you to guest post on this
blog (must post in English and the writing must be for a general audience –
no explicit language and no hate/spam/sexual topics).

So get yourself motivated and join the 90 day writing challenge right now!

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS – if you are already a published author, you can still get more publicity
by joining the challenge and helping others to get involved.