Give Electric Wheelchairs This Holiday Season

This email is simply a greeting from Yvonne (who is
freezing her butt off in the great white north) and I
(still here is sunny Florida). It is also a request to
help us help more people this coming year.

Remember, one person acting alone can help one person.

But one person, working in concert with millions of others
can impact the lives of many people!

So if you were planning on buying stuff from Amazon
anyway, why not make a difference and help people
who are trapped in their disability by using one of our
sites to make that same purchase and some of that
money will go to help a disabled person become
mobile when we give them a mobility chair (and help
them get used to using it).

This idea came about when we started Zoom Zoom Chairs:

We don’t want to see people struggle to get around. We see
soldiers coming home from the war with severe disabilities. We
see the victims of horrific accidents lose the use of their legs.
We just don’t see a reason that they should continue to live a
life of seclusion when the tools to get them out into society are
available on Amazon and can be shipped anywhere in our country.

So this Christmas, if you were planning on buying gifts online,
why not help the disabled by making your purchase on one of the
following sites:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us to you and
your family!
Micheal & Yvonne
PS – 10% of all commissions are being put toward helping
put Electric Wheelchairs into the homes of the disabled.