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To Your Success
Stanislaw Ziolkowski

Funnel to victory

Have you seen the movie “The Great Escape”?

It’s a classic true story all about WWII allies who use elaborate tunnels to escape from a German POW camp.

Rip-roaring stuff.

Whatever “prison camp” you’re trying to escape from (debt, job etc.) having a hot-selling sales funnel is the way out.

Here’s 3 reasons why:

#1. It makes money for you hands-free once you’ve set it up.

#2. It filters out the douches so you only get the good people in your business

#3. It does all the heavy lifting for you of converting cold traffic into sales

The problem, just like the POWs, is you need an awful lot of technical know-how, time, resources and sweat to build one from scratch.

You need to write freebie reports to get people on your list, you need the squeeze pages themselves, you need the follow-up emails to convert them into buyers and then, after all that, you need to drive traffic to the squeeze pages.


All that work wouldn’t leave much yard time would it?

Which is why I strongly recommend you jump on this offer from Dave Gale who’s done all this for you.

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Stanislaw Ziolkowski

Fast Cash Mailer – The Simple Way To Profits Online

When it comes to making money online it all boils down to
having an email list.

However building that list takes a lot of time, effort and in
many cases a lot of money to build such a huge asset such
as this.

Until now that is…

Introducing the hottest viral mailer ever Fast Cash Mailer

This powerful simple to use system is free to join and
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It’s the perfect way to start seeing the power behind building
a list.

To Your Success
Stanislaw Ziolkowski

Viral List Building Meets HUGE Loyalty Rewards!

Profitable Email Marketing

A new breed of Viral List Builder is upon us…

It’s called adchiever, and you get HUGE rewards
just for earning more and more advertising.

What can you win?

* Free Upgrades!

* Login Page Ads (a full page view of your ad as
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* Premium Banner Ads (highest conversion spots
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* Mailing Credits (Send your email ad to
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The more you use adchiever the greater the
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Plus, you will get 300 free mailing credits
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You’re Missing Commissions!! Fill in your downlines now automatically!

DownLineBuilderElite has been created to give you enough advertising to see results and a powerful tool that will start bringing those commissions your way!

Downline builders everywhere are a source of great earnings that many fail to even look at

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Well you need to! DownLineBuilderElite is going to make this part of your marketing so simple!

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It’s a great tool, It’s an abundance of monthly advertising, it’s the answer to your success!

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Stanislaw Ziolkowski

Referral Frenzy – Powerhouse Advertising that Will Get YOU RESULTS!

If you really are tired of getting no results I can tell you right now the best $10 you will ever spend is for a monthly membership at ReferralFrenzy

I know that mailers work! I also know that you need an extensive amount of monthly advertising to get referrals and make commissions.

You simply cant surf enough to get all you need.

Referral Frenzy gives you a way to mail to 89 mailers with one template.. you can do them all in about 15 minutes!!

It Also gives you 20,900 surf credits, 89,200 mail credits, and over 224,200 banners and texts Every month for this price as well.

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If $10 a month for advertising is scaring you ,, then you are not promoting the right sites!!

The return for the money you spend is what is important not how much,, if you make back more than you spend it is a good advertising investment!

Need to grow your site, or earn more from affiliate sites, this site will give you the marketing power to do that.

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Stanislaw Ziolkowski

List Joe – Socially Profitable Email Marketing

5 minutes online can be a lifetime.

Sure, that might sound weird, but when
you have an online business, 5 minutes
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5 minutes can get you more traffic..

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To Your Success
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State-Of-The-Art-Mailer – 46,771,933 Emails Opened

Email Marketing Evolved!

Check out these serious numbers….

– Over 30,000 members
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1 Minute Mailer – Mail Every Day! 2500 Free Credits!

That is awesome! A viral mailer with a large number of users, growing daily, that even free people may use every day! And it’s really FAST! Blast your message out every day in a moment or less!

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Stanislaw Ziolkowski

Leased Ad Space – Read Before You Join – Real Deal Or Just Hype?

How It Works

Leased Ad Space is the most unique opportunity online. We provide you with the best marketing system to market the latest product online, and you receives a commission instantly!! Yes, no middle man..Directly, you receives a commission on every sale you make, 100% commissions paid instantly for you!

Every single business or person that is trying to generate income online needs traffic, without it, all of them are dead in water! That’s what we offer, we provide you with the system to market it, you generate individuals or businesses that require it, and we help you create the sale.

You may make 100% commissions from 7 different types of traffic packages sales.

What You Get

All traffic bundle buyers will receive internal and exterior advertising and traffic, using the next types of advertisements.
Traffic Bundle Benefits

Text Ads
Banner Ads
Email Marketing/Single ads
A General public Profile Page
An individual blog where you can post your own unique content (just around the corner)
Instant Blog Postings (just around the corner)
INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE Traffic, Through Our Categorized Ad Directory site (just around the corner)

Our deals are the following filled with the impression count number and quantity of that time period you can send single advertisements, etc.

All traffic deals are one-time buys, not monthly


All traffic buyers get a long term public profile web page, they can post their own content to, any right time they want. All email advertisements submitted also get posted to our blog.

Text message and banner advertisement impressions are cumulative from bundle to package. Single email and long term classified advertisement entries aren’t cumulative (you get what’s outlined in the bundle). See Bundle Benefits Described below for additional information.

Your traffic bundle purchases are nonrefundable. All obligations are final. We can not refund money for you that was already paid out to some other member. We never even deal with that money – it is paid right to our users.

Deals must be purchased to be able. You need to purchase all lower level deals before investing in a higher level bundle.
Bundle Benefits Explained

Example, when you get the Pearl traffic bundle, for $7, you will receive 3000 banner advertisement/1500 text advertisement impressions. These impressions aren’t monthly, and you will need to buy the next traffic package to get more impressions.

Using the Pearl package we are also providing you the capability to send 1 solo ad to the whole database of Leased Ad Space every 28 days, as well as 1 Permanent text ad inside our classified advertisements directory.

Then when you move on to buy the Amethyst traffic package, for $17, you’ll get 5000 more banner and 2500 more text impressions. Again these impressions aren’t regular monthly, you will need to buy the next traffic package to get more impressions.

Owning the Amethyst package also allows you to send solo advertisements more frequently, 1 every 2 weeks. Additionally, you will have 2 Long term text ads inside our classified ads directory site rather than one.

Which is how it keeps working as you get another traffic packages. You want to offer you more value, and motivation to buy up to the very best traffic package. This will help everyone earn much more and bigger commissions.

Once you get the Red Gemstone traffic bundle things change a bit. Your Banner advertisements, and text advertisements will refresh every month at the rate of 50,000 banner advertisements and 25,000 text message ads every month (note this is actually the only packge where impressions refresh every month). As of this level now you can send 1 single ad to the whole data source of Leased Advertisement Space every 48 hours. You’ll also have the ability to post an unlimited amount of text message ads to your classified ads listing.

How You Earn Money

Leased Ad Space is organized like a required 8 x 7 matrix, that provides you more advertising at every level. But in no way form or form, are you payed for recruiting new users, all commissions are paid of direct selling of 7 different traffic deals. You are available advertisement space and traffic immediate to other people, where you can keep 100% of the sale, paid to you directly. Users that you refer or that people do, must buy a traffic bundle in order that you should get paid.

Listed here are the traffic deals available for you to resell, you must first choose the specific traffic bundle to have the ability to sell it. All traffic deals are one-time buys. All traffic deals are digitally shipped online, and are immediately available after purchase in your associates area.

Matrix Breakdown

Leased_Ad_Space_-_Matrix_how_you_make_money Now we realize this diagram shows some really huge figures regarding what’s possible. But could it be realistic? Meaning, are you truly heading to have 2,097,152 customers? Not likely! But you need not fill each level to earn from it. Our commisions matrix is organized so which allows for the common marketer to produce an excellent healthy income, starting on day 1, offering the quantity 1 product online… And Every income seeker needs…WEB SITE TRAFFIC!

As with any continuing business, your results can vary greatly, and you will be based on your own capacity, business experience, experience, and degree of desire. You will find no guarantees regarding the degree of success or income you might experience with this system or traffic deals. All Buys are final. This isn’t an investment plan, you aren’t paid from future income of the business, all earnings result from immediate member to member sales.

Requirements For Selling

You are qualified to get the commission rate if you already own that “Traffic Package” yourself. That’s the reason we recommend you get the best “Traffic Bundle” that you are able. The most effective aspect of our bodies is you get relevant instant commissions set up member purchasing the product was launched by you or was added into the downline framework from users above or below you.

Additionally, you must accept the most well-liked payment approach to the client, which is one of Paypal, SolidTrust or payza Pay. If you don’t acknowledge the offered payment approach to the customer, the sale will be offered to someone in your upline would you acknowledge that payment method.

We do not need you to refer one to our site to buy our traffic products. Offering of our traffic products is totally optional. This isn’t a revenue talk about program, nor are you payed for the recruitment of others. You are just paid a commission rate from the immediate sale of 1 of our traffic products. This isn’t a HYIP ( high-yield investment program), cycler, ponzi structure, or get rich quickly program. This isn’t an investment golf club, or gifting program. You won’t ever be paid nor are you guaranteed any interest on your buys.

Our traffic products are one-time buys, starting at $7 to a higher of $147.00. They could be used to market the merchandise and services of your choosing, so long as those products and services USUALLY DO NOT propagate Hate, Racism, Religious beliefs or Politics bias. Neither should any traffic deals be used for the intended purpose of offering porn, adult content or similar content which may be considered troubling or abusive to the LeasedAdSpace. com customers and users. Should there be any statement of abuse of the term; the offensive ad will be erased with no warning. Any repeat violations of this policy may lead to termination of your account without refund, and forfeiture of any staying traffic and impressions.

This is actually the real deal…

No where else online, do you want to ever have the ability to find anywhere near this much advertising, for such an inexpensive. Despite having the first $7.00 Pearl traffic bundle it is possible to send 1 email to the whole membership of Leased Ad Space on a monthly basis, without further cost to take action.

Leased Ad Space is an extremely unique opportunity where you can generate some very serious income offering the most desired commodity online, and advertise your own programs, products and opportunities at exactly the same time!

Im one of the 64 founders at Leased Ad Space which means Im at the TOP of the matrix so if you join MY TEAM you will get spillover – referrals and 100% commissions. Also the traffic which you will recieve will be targetted high quality traffic.

CLICK the banner below to get started right away and see you inside Leased Ad Space!

To Your Success
Stanislaw Ziolkowski