Canadians and their coffee!

timsplash-leftI finally figured out why there are so many coffee shops and they all seem busy. We’re all addicted.


As I walked two blocks from where I get off the bus in downtown Toronto to my office, I must have passed at least two dozen people. I can’t remember seeing even one of them without a coffee in their hand. Myself included.


I’m starting to wonder if we are an obsessive, compulsive nation.


I can’t go without my coffee!


Do you think it’s the caffeine or the routine? Sure, caffeine is a drug in itself and there may be some addiction there but I believe it’s actually the routine we are addicted to. I think Tim Horton started it all with his “Friend along the way” slogan so many years ago. We got addicted to the routine and now we can’ stop.


Virtually without fail, I stop at Tim Horton’s as soon as I get off the Greyhound. In my two block walk, I have three opportunities! We have a coffee maker at the office, the coffee is actually a better blend and yet, it’s just not the same.


Who would have thought a hockey player would come up with an idea that would have almost every adult Canadian keeping coffee companies in business?


Is it really an addiction?


Here’s my story.


We went on vacation with friends and split responsibility for groceries. They brought the coffee. After about 3 days, my wife asked why I was so ornery. I snapped at her and said I had no idea. (You need to understand that I have a reputation for never losing my cool.)


Then, I went to make a coffee.


All of a sudden, I realized the label was green. No! It couldn’t be! Sure enough, it was decaffeinated. I went and bought a jar of regular instant coffee and knocked back about three cups. The rest of the vacation was wonderful. That’s the day I realized I was addicted!


Anyone up for a “Timmys”?


Make it a great day!




P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for my “Friend along the way”. I’m thankful for my beautiful wife. I’m thankful for my faith in the human race.


What are you thankful for today?