Are you disturbing? Disturb and Motivate!

Disturbing someone’s thought process is the best way to motivate them to make a change. This can be applied just easily to social change as it can to sales.

Disturbing to Achieve Social Change and Justice

A co-worker recently did a workshop on Bias Awareness. The purpose was to teach us how to be aware of bias that we didn’t realize we had. For example, I am Roman Catholic and was raised in a Christian environment. My mother had a love for the Christmas holiday. She passed that on to me. It’s the middle of November, my lights are up and I have started wearing my Christmas ties!

Be the positive energy in the room!During our training session, my co-worker made us aware that as a Jewish person, she had a hard time knowing what to say when someone wishes her a Merry Christmas. I would expect this creates discomfort for her. Getting dressed a couple of days later, I looked in the mirror and saw an old white guy with a dark green shirt and gold tie. Very “Christmasy”. That me wonder how it would make a non-Christian feel seeing the same image at this time of year.

Now, I don’t apologize for being Christian or demonstrating my faith. I’m not forcing my faith on anyone, just not apologizing. Wearing my Christmas tie is not much different than someone wearing a turban, sari or hijab. They tell me you adhere to certain beliefs but they don’t tell me anything about who you are.  I’m not saying not to wear identifying clothing, I’m just suggesting we be cognizant of the effect that we can have on someone else in our environment.

I just went to my co-worker and made her aware she was “disturbing”. Now I need to tell her what that means. She is disturbing because she gave some great examples of bias in the world around us and how it may affect us. Because of that, she made me think about some of my Christmas habits. They may or may not change, I haven’t decided yet, but at least she has me thinking about my bias and how I may not even realize how that affects people I care about.

I don’t know if she realizes it but, she is disturbing more than just me and I expect there will be social change and that will result in people making more just decisions. Justice.

Disturbing to Help People Buy

Creating demand for your service or product isn’t much different than disturbing patterns to achieve social change. We tend to adhere to certain norms and patterns without conscious thought. Disturb and motivate is commonly heard in the sales industry referring to causing your prospect to stop and think about your value proposition so that they may change the way they think and be open to what you are offering.

Image representing Canadian justice.For example, my wife markets LegalShield membership. One of the greatest challenges is people who don’t believe they have a need for a #LegalSavingsPlan. We are conditioned to believe lawyers or attorneys are too expensive and the legal system is really for the rich for dealing with large financial issues.

To help open the mind a bit, we might ask questions about things like children being bullied and knowing what is reasonable to expect of the educational system. Maybe it’s dealing with a wireless provider and their policies. Did you that anyone can make a policy but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will stand up in a courtroom? How would you know? Most up us wouldn’t. That’s what your legal services provider is for.

Once you disturb someone’s pre-conceived ideas, you are more likely able to motivate them to consider doing something different. This applies to sales and social alike.

So, are you disturbing? You should be!

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’mean thankful for open minded people. I’m thankful for disturbing people. I’m thankful for this blog space.

What are you thankful for today?


What is your blueprint?

We are all born with a clean slate. We create our blueprint based on what we see around us. To change your blueprint, change your view. To change your view, change your environment.

What Is Your Blueprint?

pictureI compare this to the story of the ugly duckling. Remember that one?

The duckling grows up thinking he’s ugly and he’s ashamed of the way he thinks the world sees him. One day, when he’s a little older, he happens to see his reflection in the water. What he sees is a beautiful swan. Elegant and graceful. At first he doesn’t realize that he is seeing himself. Eventually he comes to realize he is, in fact, a beautiful swan and his perception of himself is changed forever.

Change Your Blueprint

In “Secrets of the Millionair Mind” we read about how, as children, we are born into a certain set of circumstances and that becomes what we know. Like a swan who only sees a family of ducks growing up, we believe that is all there is to life. Some are lucky enough to be exposed to opportunity earlier in life. For others, it may not happen until later. The challenge is to recognize opportunity when we see it and act upon that opportunity.

By opportunity, I don’t mean just a chance at a business or material gain. The opportunity may be the chance to make a change.

image of blueprintThe “blueprint” that we carry with us is our guiding map in life. What we often forget is that you can change a blueprint. It’s a lot of work but it can be done.

I’ll use an example of a building that I am working in. It has been half empty for some time. There is a local agency that needed some space but the building had been insulated with asbestos and could not be used for their purpose unless the asbestos was removed. Luckily, someone recognized an opportunity to make changes to the blueprint which allows for the removal of the asbestos and redesigning the interior workspace for a different use. Now that agency can stay close to where they were and meet their clients needs without causing undue hardship to others.

Our building is now safer for us as a result of our making changes triggered by an external source. It can be the same for people.

Sometimes an external force makes us look at ourselves in a slightly different light and all of a sudden the world changes. This can only happen if you are open minded enough to take another look at your “blueprint”!

When was the last time you really took a look at your blueprint to see if you should make any changes?

Have a great day! I know I’m choosing to!


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for the people I work with that took me under their wing during a rough period in my life. I’m thankful that someone told me about this book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. I’m thankful for the wonderful people who drive the Greyhound bus that takes me to work most days.