Is your website your own domain?

When you decide to market a product or service and they give you your own website, is the domain really yours?


Your website is what you see when you enter the address in a browser. For example

WebsiteUp comes a wonderful site with information all about the company you represent and their products and services. Very professional and should bring you business, right? Now, what if someone decides to remove your name from the address and it goes to the corporate site to see what’s different? There may or may not be a difference except that now all the links go directly to corporate. They make a decision to buy and click a corporate link. They are no longer on your site and the sale is gone. Corporate has no idea how the person got there and sends the referral to someone else. You have done all the promotional work for someone else’s benefit.

The DOMAIN, or dot com part, has nothing to do with you. It’s owned and operated by corporate.


ContainerA domain is like a container. It holds your website and all of your data. Think about this container like it is a store where you send people to buy your products and services. When you decide to represent a company and their products, you want people to buy from your store, not go directly to your suppliers.

For example, one of our “stores” is We made a decision to sell a single service from that “store”.

We don’t anticipate ever stopping the sale of that service so it’s unlikely you will ever see anything else there but, it could happen. If we directed you to the corporate domain and made a change in product offering, we would lose you. Is that what you want to happen to your prospects?

LegalShield Independent AssociatesIn our case, the company has over 40 years history but I have family and friends who have had their chosen product disappear and when they shifted to something different, they had to start all over. In some cases, that was the end of their business.

Another reason for your own domain is the ability to add sub domains to target your offerings in a particular area. Your product or services may have more than one category and it’s confusing when someone comes to the corporate landing page and doesn’t know where to go. With sub domains, you can be specific with your prospect.

For example, we have an offering specifically for small business.

This way, there is no confusion about your intent. Either there is a specific point to your conversation and no confusion about what you want them to consider. When you send them to a landing page with too many offerings you may be confusing your prospect. A confused mind does nothing.

Is There A Learning Curve?


You will need to learn how to set up your control panel and then decide whether it’s just to redirect to corporate sites or you want to be blogging as well. For example, I also have a blog at I didn’t need another hosting package because I purchased on that gives me as many domains as I want so that I can provide for my teams.

Make sure you choose a domain hosting company that will teach you how to use their tools. The reason I chose GVO is that it’s a one stop shop. All the tools you need to market on the internet in one place for less than the cost of an auto-responder from most other providers and they have online videos as well as live training included.

Search my name, Barry Clermont, and see what you find? Who will I find when I search your name? The decision is yours.

Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful my wife found GVO for me. I’m thankful I found LegalShield for her! I’m thankful I live in Canada where we are free to grow.

What are you thankful for today?

Why should I host my WordPress blog on my own domain?

You should host your WordPress blog on your own domain for enhanced capability, security and control reasons.



man-announce-01sI consider myself an average user/blogger.  The reason I chose WordPress is ease of use.


Most people these days have used Microsoft Word or a similar word processing software.  Creating a blog in WordPress is not a lot different.  I have to admit to a bias because the hosting company I use also includes training based on WordPress every Tuesday at 8PM Eastern Standard Time.  Come watch.  It’s open to the public!


With the hundreds of themes available through WordPress, you can apply a theme and modify it easily.  Changing the look of your site takes seconds!  This often requires having your own domain.  Most “pre-packaged” sites have restrictions that will limit what you can do.


WordPress also has the easiest to find and use plugins to help enhance the themes and make the site your own.


  • Do you want advertising on the side bar?  There’s a widget for that.
  • Embed video into your site easily.
  • Insert a photo into your blog and link to your business.
  • Security and antivirus tools and so on…

The domain hosting package I purchased includes access to multiple programs including other software for site creation and management.  I just found the learning curve for the other programs to be too steep and the training wasn’t as easy to find, as WordPress, without further cost.



There are some great widgets to secure your site and:

  • Protect from hackers.
  • Protect from viruses.
  • Block spam.
  • Back up your site.

Because of the popularity of WordPress, it becomes a target for hackers and spammers who do it “because they can” and also for nefarious purposes.  Hosting your own domain allows you to apply further layers of protection for you and your clients.  For example:  I would suggest password protecting your wp-admin folder.  This effectively creates a double log in and will make it more difficult than it’s worth for bad people to spend time trying to get into.


Find a service provider that brings all of this into one easy to access and use place.



hosting-300x250-2You need to make a decision on where to start.  Are you a business that just needs a site and marketing tools?  Will you be leading a team that may need limited hosting to redirect to their affiliate sites?  With GVO, you can always upgrade as your needs increase.


My package includes server management tools as well as the marketing suite.  In my case, I chose the Titanium reseller account so that I can host for my business partners in other businesses as well as create sites for family and so on.



It’s my belief that you should host your WordPress blog on your own domain for security and control.   We all have different needs and preferences.  Only you can decide what you are willing to do and what you can afford.


Make it a great day!




P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for options.  I’m thankful for choice.  I’m thankful for #WordPress !


What are you thankful for today?

Job Search has really changed over the years.


When I was first entering the workforce, job search was very different than it is today.  In the 1970’s pretty much all you had to do was knock on an employer’s door and introduce yourself.  You still needed a decent resume but for the most part, if you were able bodied, there was work to be had.  It was an employee’s market.  Wages were decent, good benefits, etc. simply because there was a greater supply of jobs than there were people to fill them.


Then, the 1980’s came.  Job search became more work.  The supply of jobs started to shrink and employers could be a little more selective in their hiring practice.  The employee now had to learn to market their skills more effectively.  You could no longer just show up, you had to convince the employer why you were better than the next person.  Networking and effective resume writing became critical to your success.



The new millenium has brought a much faster paced society and the job search landscape has morphed into something none of us ever expected.  Employers now have access to worldwide resources to find the ideal candidate for their particular opportunity.  No longer is it a job search, it’s more like dating.  Both the employer and the employee do their best to make themselves attractive to the other.  Because it’s a world economy these days, you can’t expect to just walk up and knock on the door.  It’s all attraction marketing today.


Heather Struck did a great piece called “Job Search 2.0 How to tweet, blog and network your way to a new job”.  In her article, she emphasizes the importance of branding yourself.  Businesses have been aware of the importance of branding for many years and they achieved that through things like advertising and involvement in public services like raising funds for charities.  Who would have ever thought we would need to learn marketing skills at such a level to sell ourselves to prospective employers?


In today’s world, we need to be very aware of our public persona.  When employers are considering hiring someone, it’s not uncommon for them to search you out on Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook or Google.  How aware are you of your “attractiveness” on the Internet?  What message are you sending and how are you sending it?



People ask “Why would I need my own website or blog?”.  You may not be selling a product or service for someone else, but most of us change jobs after a few years and when that happens, we have to sell ourselves all over again.  By having your own domain and maintaining a blog, you become much easier to find and have more control over what is happening with your content.  Once something is “out there”, there isn’t anything you can do to make it disappear but by having your own domain, you can at least make sure you show up earlier in the search.


Get out there and develop your brand.  Let people know who you are but be aware of just how much you tell them.  Job search is like a giant dating game and you need to make yourself more attractive than the next person.  Even dating today has become more likely to begin on line.  Plenty of Fish and are just two that come immediately to mind.  You need to decide if and how you will be found and what impression you want to give.


Once you have your prospect`s attention, you need to take some time to build a relationship.  That’s where a personal blog, Twitter, Facebook and the others come in.  Know how you want to be seen and make sure that you are sending the right signals to attract the attention you want.  This doesn’t eliminate the need for a job search.  The employer is doing the same as you in sending signals to attract the people they are looking for.  It’s like a worldwide dance.  Who’s the best partner for you?


Good luck with your job search.  Now, get out there and strut your stuff!


Job search by Barry Clermont

Thinking out loud.


Make it a great day!




P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for the amazing tools we have available today.  I’m thankful for the new people I meet.  I’m thankful for the birds chirping as the sun rises.


What are you thankful for today?