Blog site: Why everyone should have their own.

You should have your own blog site and it should be self hosted. Blogging is a great way to sort your thoughts and mobilize knowledge. Self hosting maintains control of your digital assets.

Blog Site

logo for barryclermont.comYour blog site should reflect your personality. No, it’s not a place to vent and barf your garbage all over everyone. Yes, there are those who do that.This should be where you let people get to know you in a positive way. It’s no different than meeting people in person. If you always wear a frown and complain, why would I come back?

Self hosted blog sites allow you to maintain control over your content. Only you can take down content if you decide it was not your intended message. Yes, you are liable for what you say and there are times when you may want to make changes, but you won’t have your “free blog site” provider deciding for you. Is anything ever really free? You just gave them your content and agreed to allow them to use you for advertising purposes. That could actually be a great cost.

Thinking Out Loud

Question?My blog sites are where I do my best thinking out loud. Most blogs are triggered by something I read, saw or heard. The best content often comes from learning experiences like webinars or live seminars. For example, Smart Marketing Coaching, available through Pure Leverage, does regular webinars on business building. One of them triggered my blog on creating graphics for your blog or social media posts.

The process of creating a blog, for me, drives the information in deeper. It’s kind of like the old “Read, Write, Repeat”. The research part usually involves reading to find support for what you want to say. Writing the blog helps to clarify your thoughts and involves you repeating what you learned.

By leaving the comments option live, you give others the opportunity to challenge your ideas and gives you the chance to learn even more. Always have sharing buttons so that your knowledge can be mobilized. Your network will grow exponentially over time creating wonderful new friends along the way.

Digital Assets

Your blogs, pictures and videos are all digital assets. They have value to you and we believe they have value to others. 

For example, I created this video to use on my sites. Because it is a testimonial that promotes a product, some sites may not allow you to include it in your blog. Also, check the terms for those sites and you may be giving them permission to re-use your content. That can’t happen when you have a self hosted blog and own the domain.

Video producer

(Learn more about a #LegalSavingsPlan at

If you don’t own and control your domain, someone else does. Do you want them to take advantage of your assets?

Put yourself out there. Your blog may very well lead to your next job or business opportunity.

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for Smart Marketing Coaching. I’m thankful you took the time to read this. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow.

What are you thankful for today?

Google knows! Or does it?

But does it tell you what you really want?

I sent out a promo for my GVO Hosting and some commentary about having a web presence.  A friend said “thanks for your kind offer but by typing in my name into the net, all my entries show up, eg divorce work, elder entries and (company name) entries”.

Now, think about this.  If you are trying to get new business, do you think they will search your name?

When I did a Google search for divorce financial planner, I got a much different result than my friend did with his name.  He didn’t show up.  I searched “elder financial planner” and didn’t see him in the first three pages.  One link that looked like it might be related to him had one of the other consultants in his office and that guy was the fourth person on that list.  Knowing the two of them, the guy I had emailed is the more experienced in that particular area.  Yet Google gave me the person with the lesser experience.

When Google provides answers to your searches, it is trying to help give you what it THINKS you want.  It knows where the computer you are searching from sits and provides what it thinks are services close to you.  I wonder if there is any bias to people who are paying for their advertising?

What are you doing to tie your name to what you do on the Internet?  If you are not the owner of the company, you may find that the company is more interested in promoting at the top level.  We all compete for business.  Even internally.

For example, a financial services firm with a few thousand consultants does nothing to promote the individual consultant.  Sure, they give them a page.  But the company is branding the company, not you.

Have you ever thought about something like a personal blog site?  Give enough information in your blogs that Google “sees” the connection and all of a sudden, you may find that when you search “elder financial planner”, your name actually shows up rather than just the company or another umbrella organization like Advocis, Linked In, Facebook or Google+.

Maybe Barry’s GVO Web Hosting is just the tool you need to help you gain that competitive edge.  Just maybe.

Will you be the one to float to the top?


Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for having found GVO Web Hosting.  I’m thankful for learning more every day.  I’m thankful for friends that respond so that I can improve.

What are you thankful for today?