Are you disturbing? Disturb and Motivate!

Disturbing someone’s thought process is the best way to motivate them to make a change. This can be applied just easily to social change as it can to sales.

Disturbing to Achieve Social Change and Justice

A co-worker recently did a workshop on Bias Awareness. The purpose was to teach us how to be aware of bias that we didn’t realize we had. For example, I am Roman Catholic and was raised in a Christian environment. My mother had a love for the Christmas holiday. She passed that on to me. It’s the middle of November, my lights are up and I have started wearing my Christmas ties!

Be the positive energy in the room!During our training session, my co-worker made us aware that as a Jewish person, she had a hard time knowing what to say when someone wishes her a Merry Christmas. I would expect this creates discomfort for her. Getting dressed a couple of days later, I looked in the mirror and saw an old white guy with a dark green shirt and gold tie. Very “Christmasy”. That me wonder how it would make a non-Christian feel seeing the same image at this time of year.

Now, I don’t apologize for being Christian or demonstrating my faith. I’m not forcing my faith on anyone, just not apologizing. Wearing my Christmas tie is not much different than someone wearing a turban, sari or hijab. They tell me you adhere to certain beliefs but they don’t tell me anything about who you are.  I’m not saying not to wear identifying clothing, I’m just suggesting we be cognizant of the effect that we can have on someone else in our environment.

I just went to my co-worker and made her aware she was “disturbing”. Now I need to tell her what that means. She is disturbing because she gave some great examples of bias in the world around us and how it may affect us. Because of that, she made me think about some of my Christmas habits. They may or may not change, I haven’t decided yet, but at least she has me thinking about my bias and how I may not even realize how that affects people I care about.

I don’t know if she realizes it but, she is disturbing more than just me and I expect there will be social change and that will result in people making more just decisions. Justice.

Disturbing to Help People Buy

Creating demand for your service or product isn’t much different than disturbing patterns to achieve social change. We tend to adhere to certain norms and patterns without conscious thought. Disturb and motivate is commonly heard in the sales industry referring to causing your prospect to stop and think about your value proposition so that they may change the way they think and be open to what you are offering.

Image representing Canadian justice.For example, my wife markets LegalShield membership. One of the greatest challenges is people who don’t believe they have a need for a #LegalSavingsPlan. We are conditioned to believe lawyers or attorneys are too expensive and the legal system is really for the rich for dealing with large financial issues.

To help open the mind a bit, we might ask questions about things like children being bullied and knowing what is reasonable to expect of the educational system. Maybe it’s dealing with a wireless provider and their policies. Did you that anyone can make a policy but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will stand up in a courtroom? How would you know? Most up us wouldn’t. That’s what your legal services provider is for.

Once you disturb someone’s pre-conceived ideas, you are more likely able to motivate them to consider doing something different. This applies to sales and social alike.

So, are you disturbing? You should be!

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’mean thankful for open minded people. I’m thankful for disturbing people. I’m thankful for this blog space.

What are you thankful for today?


Is your website your own domain?

When you decide to market a product or service and they give you your own website, is the domain really yours?


Your website is what you see when you enter the address in a browser. For example

WebsiteUp comes a wonderful site with information all about the company you represent and their products and services. Very professional and should bring you business, right? Now, what if someone decides to remove your name from the address and it goes to the corporate site to see what’s different? There may or may not be a difference except that now all the links go directly to corporate. They make a decision to buy and click a corporate link. They are no longer on your site and the sale is gone. Corporate has no idea how the person got there and sends the referral to someone else. You have done all the promotional work for someone else’s benefit.

The DOMAIN, or dot com part, has nothing to do with you. It’s owned and operated by corporate.


ContainerA domain is like a container. It holds your website and all of your data. Think about this container like it is a store where you send people to buy your products and services. When you decide to represent a company and their products, you want people to buy from your store, not go directly to your suppliers.

For example, one of our “stores” is We made a decision to sell a single service from that “store”.

We don’t anticipate ever stopping the sale of that service so it’s unlikely you will ever see anything else there but, it could happen. If we directed you to the corporate domain and made a change in product offering, we would lose you. Is that what you want to happen to your prospects?

LegalShield Independent AssociatesIn our case, the company has over 40 years history but I have family and friends who have had their chosen product disappear and when they shifted to something different, they had to start all over. In some cases, that was the end of their business.

Another reason for your own domain is the ability to add sub domains to target your offerings in a particular area. Your product or services may have more than one category and it’s confusing when someone comes to the corporate landing page and doesn’t know where to go. With sub domains, you can be specific with your prospect.

For example, we have an offering specifically for small business.

This way, there is no confusion about your intent. Either there is a specific point to your conversation and no confusion about what you want them to consider. When you send them to a landing page with too many offerings you may be confusing your prospect. A confused mind does nothing.

Is There A Learning Curve?


You will need to learn how to set up your control panel and then decide whether it’s just to redirect to corporate sites or you want to be blogging as well. For example, I also have a blog at I didn’t need another hosting package because I purchased on that gives me as many domains as I want so that I can provide for my teams.

Make sure you choose a domain hosting company that will teach you how to use their tools. The reason I chose GVO is that it’s a one stop shop. All the tools you need to market on the internet in one place for less than the cost of an auto-responder from most other providers and they have online videos as well as live training included.

Search my name, Barry Clermont, and see what you find? Who will I find when I search your name? The decision is yours.

Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful my wife found GVO for me. I’m thankful I found LegalShield for her! I’m thankful I live in Canada where we are free to grow.

What are you thankful for today?

Blog site: Why everyone should have their own.

You should have your own blog site and it should be self hosted. Blogging is a great way to sort your thoughts and mobilize knowledge. Self hosting maintains control of your digital assets.

Blog Site

logo for barryclermont.comYour blog site should reflect your personality. No, it’s not a place to vent and barf your garbage all over everyone. Yes, there are those who do that.This should be where you let people get to know you in a positive way. It’s no different than meeting people in person. If you always wear a frown and complain, why would I come back?

Self hosted blog sites allow you to maintain control over your content. Only you can take down content if you decide it was not your intended message. Yes, you are liable for what you say and there are times when you may want to make changes, but you won’t have your “free blog site” provider deciding for you. Is anything ever really free? You just gave them your content and agreed to allow them to use you for advertising purposes. That could actually be a great cost.

Thinking Out Loud

Question?My blog sites are where I do my best thinking out loud. Most blogs are triggered by something I read, saw or heard. The best content often comes from learning experiences like webinars or live seminars. For example, Smart Marketing Coaching, available through Pure Leverage, does regular webinars on business building. One of them triggered my blog on creating graphics for your blog or social media posts.

The process of creating a blog, for me, drives the information in deeper. It’s kind of like the old “Read, Write, Repeat”. The research part usually involves reading to find support for what you want to say. Writing the blog helps to clarify your thoughts and involves you repeating what you learned.

By leaving the comments option live, you give others the opportunity to challenge your ideas and gives you the chance to learn even more. Always have sharing buttons so that your knowledge can be mobilized. Your network will grow exponentially over time creating wonderful new friends along the way.

Digital Assets

Your blogs, pictures and videos are all digital assets. They have value to you and we believe they have value to others. 

For example, I created this video to use on my sites. Because it is a testimonial that promotes a product, some sites may not allow you to include it in your blog. Also, check the terms for those sites and you may be giving them permission to re-use your content. That can’t happen when you have a self hosted blog and own the domain.

Video producer

(Learn more about a #LegalSavingsPlan at

If you don’t own and control your domain, someone else does. Do you want them to take advantage of your assets?

Put yourself out there. Your blog may very well lead to your next job or business opportunity.

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for Smart Marketing Coaching. I’m thankful you took the time to read this. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow.

What are you thankful for today?

Stop Spamming Me About Canada’s Anti-Spam Law!

Spamming can take many forms.  In this case, my complaint is about companies scrambling to be compliant with the new Canadian Anti-Spam law coming into effect July 1, 2014.  I’m getting so many emails asking me to re-confirm that I want them to continue.  It’s really not necessary to do this in such a short period.  It’s flooding my email and annoying me.  I consider myself an average citizen.  Are you doing this to your clients?



On Tuesday, July 1, 2014.  Canada’s anti-spam law will be in effect for anyone communicating with anyone in Canada for commercial purposes.  Remember, some components have different dates.  You may want to use your #LegalServicePlan to get some clarification on your responsibilities.



Man-With-Question-06Pretty much everyone!  Especially if you are a small business.  There is even an article in the Boston Business Journal concerned about how much this could affect businesses there, never mind business in Canada.

This will apply to #MultiLevelMarketing or #MLM, #InternetMarketing and anyone using many forms of electronic communications.  For example:

  • eMail
  • Telephone
  • Text Messaging
  • Social Media

You are associated with MLM’s or operate a small business out of your home.  You reach out to people you managed to get contact information for.  Can you contact them?  Maybe.  Maybe not!  (Click the confused guy in the picture above to learn about a #LegalSavingsPlan you can use to have your questions answered.)



3D-Women-Search-03Legislation is supposed to be written in plain language, not “legalese”.  Sure it is!  It’s written in plain language. That has nothing to do with being able to understand intent or context.  I find sometimes, plain language leaves too much out and confuses me more.  I think some confuse simple English with plain language.  They don’t mean the same thing.

You can use some of the linked sites in this blog to find information that may help or you can spend time on the internet searching for clarification.  As I run into questions, I will use my Legal Savings Plan to have those questions answered.

I’m no lawyer and don’t pretend to be.  By the way, please understand that this blog is to create awareness in the hopes that you will take steps to protect yourself and your business.  Make sure you use your #LegalSavingsPlan to have your specific questions answered.  This blog is NOT to be considered advice.

If you don’t have a #LegalSavingsPlan, I hope that you consider the one that I market.  To learn more about our plan, complete the form following this blog and you will receive a series of emails explaining different aspects and options.



Don’t panic.  People already on your list don’t need to be “re-upped” right away. By flooding all of your clients with emails asking them to re-confirm, you may well be annoying them and causing them to “click here to unsuscribe” from your list.

You have an existing relationship.  Check the legislation or call your #LegalServicePlan provider for clarification and timing of any need to have your prospects and clients re-confirm their intent to remain on your list.

If you have been using the #AutoResponder included in the Pure Leverage Suite of Tools, they already did a double opt-in and you should be fine.  That gave you the permission you needed when they confirmed the welcome email.

(Don’t forget to fill out the form below my signature to receive information about a #LegalSavingsPlan)


Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for my Pure Leverage Auto-Responder.  I’m thankful for my #LegalSavingsPlan.  I’m thankful if this blog helped one person.

What are you thankful for today?