Looks really matter. In life and in business.

Why do looks matter?

Picture of what Barry looks like.

Thinking out loud.

First impressions.  When  we meet someone, the first thing that happens is that they literally see us.  We haven’t had a chance to utter a word and yet people are already making a decision on whether or not to continue with the interchange.  Some people are superficial and will make an immediate decision on whether or not they “like” us.  Others will wait for some exchange of words before adding that information to the visual information being used for assessment.

Looks matter but this doesn’t mean that you have to be the most handsome or prettiest person.  You will be to the people that matter if you always put your best face forward.  Hair and teeth clean and brushed.  Clothes neat and appearance tidy.  Coordinated wardrobe. Those are some of the things that matter more than your physical attributes because you have control over those and how you present yourself is a reflection of how you think.  That matters.

You won’t appeal to everyone and that’s OK!  Focus on who you want to spend time with.  Be appealing to them because that’s who matters.  If your prospect doesn’t like to be around sloppy people, don’t be sloppy.  The thing to remember is that you need to be appealing while still being true to yourself.  Don’t be someone you’re not.

How does this apply to business?

People like to deal with those they know, like and trust.  In order to gain their attention, you have to appeal to them.  Not everything is about looks but, looks matter because they are likely to see you before they ever get a chance to hear you.

Signage, location, web site.  These are all part of your “look”.  Think about yourself the first time you hit a web site.  If there isn’t something that catches your eye when you first land there, how likely is it you will look any further?  Don’t worry about what YOU think looks good.  Figure out what looks good to your prospect, that’s where looks matter most in business.  Be attractive so that your prospects will take the time to get to know, like and trust you.

Define your look and then get out there!

Now that you understand why looks matter, define your look and then get out there in front of people.  Join networking groups.  Let people you deal with every day get to know you by being in front of them and participating.  Make sure your web site is appealing and spread your message.  Pure Leverage and GVO Marketing tools are a great way to get started with that!

Become who you want to be.

We can all change our look.  Personal development should be part of your ongoing education strategy.  Read.  Attend seminars.  Associate with the people you want to be like.  But, never lose sight of yourself by trying to be someone else.  You will change just by learning.  Do you realize that reading just 10 pages a day can change your life?  Don’t think you have time to read?  Take a book to the bathroom!  Reading 10 pages a day adds up to about 12-15 books a year.  Make what you choose to read count.  I would start with Jeff Olson’s “The Slight Edge“.

Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for my GVO.  I’m thankful for social network sites.  I’m thankful for each new day God blesses me with.

What are you thankful for today?

Pure Leverage. Fluff or Real Product?

Is Pure Leverage the suite of online business tools that Google wished they had?! GVO the primary company behind Pure Leverage has just started providing the online business world with its new state of the Art Tools Suite.

The Team at Pure Leverage are clearly stating “is your business not worth it”?

Centered and catered around the Internet marketing niche they have also tied in a ridiculous 100% residual commission’s payout for any paid referral! Meaning anyone that you should introduce into Pure Leverage…they will pay you for it, and pay you BIG money.

Developed over the course of 10 years GVO has just launched on March 4th 2013 its NEW Pure Leverage system to the public, offering a massive Tools Suite for a very low price point. Being that these tools are web based also brings this amazing Tools Suite to a Global market place.

Sure Pure Leverage runs its powerful Tools Suite with one simple login, but do these Tools actually make the difference in any online business model like they say they do?

I venture to say that I have ripped this one wide open. After seeing and listening to people rant and rave over this simple but yet highly profitable system. I had to see it and wanted to be a neutral critic for this so called simple system!

First, what do they give you in this Suite of Tools and why?

Yes Pure Leverage was designed for online businesses and Internet marketers, so the tools that they have combined and put together in their package reflects on list Building for qualified leads, global communication through email, video email and full web conferencing, plus many other highly effective attributes.

Every member of Pure Leverage receives their own private members area where they will find essential tools that you must absolutely have in order to be highly profitable online. You can finally get or improve the results that you are looking for with the NEW Pure Leverage system. All for only $24.95 per month.

What’s the Pure Leverage Tools Suite and how can I benefit?

Here is just a slice of what you will receive on the inside of Pure Leverage!

  1.  Lead Capture & Full Auto Responder System: Grow your list up to 10 000 subscribers. Of course you can always upgrade for more subscribers as your business grows, but this system allows you to build a list of qualified leads and the beautiful part is your auto responder campaigns are already set up with a complete email follow up series to help turn your prospects into paid clients. It’s a complete done for you system. Yes the money is in the list but more importantly the money is made from the relationships created from your list!
  2. Video Email Service: Seeing is believing, and believing always turns into sales! Video speaks a million words and will build that know, like, and trust with your subscriber base very quickly. Shoot or upload a video on the spot and insert it into many different email templates that cover many different categories. Such as Health and Fitness, Real Estate, Celebrations and deliver your message with a NEW FLAIR!
  3.  Live Meeting Room: Communications in Team Building is absolute key, and with this stellar product you can build, train and sell from this Powerful Global but private to you Live Meeting Room. This live Meeting Room will hold up to 100 attendees. An upgrade for more seats are available by request as well, as your business grows. Stream and broadcast live using video and audio, use PowerPoint presentation, pre-recorded video and share your desktop from one powerful location!
  4. Authority Blog: Brand yourself and generate more leads with the Pure Leverage Authority blog, back link traffic to your offers and cash in. The Authority Blog also comes with content already generated for you! The search engines will pick you up just based on the word “Authority”, ranking you high and directing traffic to you.
  5. Elite Coaching Program: Learn from the Pro’s. They will take you through the complete system and show you exactly how to tie these tools into any business model. Or simply show you that you can take Pure Leverage and make it your own primary business model as well and cash in on 100% in commissions month after month.

This package will not only produce results for you but will save you money right from the start! Many people pay for similar services elsewhere and pay through the roof! The guys at Pure Leverage have bundled it all, for one low monthly fee.

Now what are some of the field saying about this very easy to use but yet highly profitable system? Well I have also researched this as well and see that top business owners like Daegan Smith, Russell Brunson, Mark Call, Mike Filsaime, Fernando Muniz, and thousands of other top business owners are using this system. Can they all be wrong? I THINK NOT!

GVO has really put a turnkey, done for you system together with their new Pure Leverage platform and thousands are cashing in big time! How do these guys do it? They are paying out a whopping 100% in commissions!

Does Pure Leverage Pay?

Yes Pure Leverage offers an amazing affiliate program and they have kept it very simple. They also give you all the necessary marketing material to really push this new and exciting platform to new heights, and they will reward you for your efforts in a huge way.

  1. 100% Commissions on your direct referrals (anyone that you sign into the Pure Leverage system). They will pay you 100% commissions for the first month.
  2. 50% Commissions on your direct referrals (anyone that you sign into the Pure Leverage system). They will pay you 50% commissions for every month thereafter.
  3. 50% Commission on the income of all your direct referrals – this is huge! If your direct referrals have a combined total of $5000 in sales – you would collect 50% of this total giving you $2500 on top of your regular commissions. The payouts are huge with Pure Leverage!

I have investigated this system and I have spoken with many people about it. Hands down Pure Leverage is showing incredible results. Helping people build their lists of hot qualified leads and turning huge profits.

My score on this complete system is a 10 out of 10, well done Team!

To get more information on Pure Leverage and to get started immediately just click on the link below! Is your financial gain and Leveraging your freedom not worth it?

Make it a great day,