You would never intentionally infringe on copyright. Where do your graphics come from?

Copyright isn’t always clear. We all have honest intentions when we add pictures to our blog or social media posts. Here are some things you can do to minimize your risk.


Image representing Canadian justice.


Copyright isn’t always clear. How can you be sure you aren’t using someone else’s work legitimately? Be honest with yourself! Did you just grab a picture from a friend’s post and re-use it? There is nothing wrong with this if you have their permission and they have the right to give it to you. The problem is, they may not even remember where they got it from. When a photo was taken by your friend and shared, they have rights to that picture. Ask them where they got the graphic and if you can use it. If they aren’t sure of the source and if it’s legitimate to share, don’t do it!


Is there a way to check copyright on pictures? Look at it with a tin eye! I know it sounds odd but Tineye is a great way to find out where a picture comes from. You upload a graphic image and Tineye searches it’s database to see if that image has appeared elsewhere. You can then check the links to see who produced and/or posted the image. Check the links for copyright references. For example, an image may have come from Pixabay and not even require attribution. Or, it may show up in Wikimedia with copyright information very evident. Just remember that tools like Tineye aren’t 100% and you are still liable if the picture wasn’t in that database. When in doubt, don’t. Your best option is to use pictures you create yourself. Carry a camera with you! When in doubt, don’t use an image you don’t know.

Make Your Own Images

One of your best options is to produce original graphics. There are companies out there just waiting to catch you using their graphics. That’s a profit centre for them.  When you use copyright material, make sure you acknowledge them according to their license. When you make use of your camera and a product like Canva or PowerPoint, you own the end product provided you were free to use the source files. Making your own graphics can be a lot of fun! Just make sure you use royalty free images. I created the image below using a graphic from Pixabay, the logo I created and a quote. If I can do it, anybody can! Do you have the stones to succeed?! Now, have some fun and do it safely! Make it a great day, Barry P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for Tineye. I’m thankful for great graphic tools. I’m thankful for the time you took to read this! What are you thankful for today?

Taxes. They take such a big bite of my income. What can I do?


First, we need to remember why we need to pay taxes.  It’s important to pay our fair share but it’s also our responsibility make sure we only pair our fair share of taxes.  Not more.

Cars travelling the highways.Our taxes pay for:

  • Roads
  • Sewers
  • Emergency Services
  • Research and Development

and so much more.


Many of us pay more income tax than necessary.  Others cross over the line of reason and don’t pay our fair share.  In many cases, neither is intentional.  We just don’t know our rights.  What’s deductible and what’s not?  Governments create tax “loop holes” to win votes.  You hear all about it on the news and then we elect them.  Then we discover there are so many rules around the new tax breaks that we can’t figure out if we qualify or not.  How do we make sure we don’t pay too much?

We often hear people make a pitch for their home based business declaring the need to get started now and save taxes for the whole year.  There is certainly great benefit to operating a home based business but be careful with that one, there are rules around that too.  Now your rights and talk to your team of professional advisors when you are planning your tax strategies.


There are some great resources out there to get your tax questions answered:


Will you risk running afoul of the law or will you know what your rights are?  There are enough resources out there to navigate the tax system if you just make that call.  Tax advice can be very expensive but it doesn’t have to be.  Many financial advisors don’t charge up front fees.  They get paid when you use their products and services.  Lawyers are only for the rich?  Not true!  Legal services can be very affordable.  But, will you click here to find out how?

Ask questions and know your rights.  That’s the best thing you can do to minimize your exposure to tax liability.

Make it a great day,


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for affordable access to the legal system.  I’m thankful for what I learned when I was in the financial services industry.  I’m thankful for opportunity.

What are you thankful for today?