What a Twit(ter)!

Is it a tweet or a twit? Sometimes a twit tweets and it’s important to recognize the time to stay out of the fray.



(Some of you may be old enough to get that!)


soccerplayerI remember when I was managing my daughter’s soccer team that parents would come to me complaining about something that occurred and they took issue with. My advice to them was always to wait 24 hours and if they still felt the same way, call me and I would get involved. In most cases, there was no call. The issue was simply because of the passion of the moment. (You realize us futbol people are a little crazy?!)


Social media is much the same. Communication is very fast and furious. Sometimes people “open their mouths” before they think and there’s no taking it back.


In soccer, part of the game is baiting your opponents so that they draw a penalty. I always told my kids to be careful. It’s not the action that gets caught but the reaction. Social media is like a championship futbol match. Fast and furious, passionate and unforgiving.


In the Twittersphere, someone may ask a fairly innocuous question and then some twit tweets an inflammatory reponse. The conversation rages and starts to cross over to the other channels. Now comments start to fly and the original intent of the communication is lost in the mayhem. All you can hear is noise.


Then, there are the watchers.

3D-Women-Search-03I believe that only a small number of people actually comment. It’s the watchers you need to care more about. They don’t usually say much but when they do, people listen. If they never understood the intended message, their voice amplifies bad information to the point you can’t reign it back in.


When you see someone has misinterpreted your message, either refrain from taking the bait or, if you feel you must, take the conversation off line.


Be careful out there!



Make it a great day,




P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for the time spent helping the Barrie Soccer Club get Spiritfest started 11 years ago. I’m thankful for the rewards of community involvement. I’m thankful for spring!


What are you thankful for today?