Your brain is like any muscle in your body. It needs a regular workout…

…and your brain also needs periods of rest to recover!

Your Brain Health

Your brain is like the muscles in your body.  In order to be in peak shape, your brain needs to be challenged on a regular basis in order to maintain fitness.  In order to grow, you need to push yourself beyond your perceived limits.

For example, I do a crossword regularly in morning before I start work.  It’s fairly easy and just gets me started in “thinking mode” for the day.  When I want to stretch a bit, there is a more challenging crossword in another paper that I usually do at the end of my day.  What can I say, my brain likes words!  I never have figured out that Sudoku stuff.

Some people are affected by an affliction that affects their brain and they have no control.  However, I do believe that regular brain exercise will allow your brain to find other paths for as long as those cells are still functioning.  I have seen stroke victims who have experience the death of brain cells and managed to recover function over time by stretching their limits.


Your Emotional Health

It’s my belief that exercising your brain not only keeps you more mentally fit but actually contributes to your emotional health.

On those days when my brain is foggy and I don’t force myself to get into gear, I start to feel more lethargic and emotionally drained.  If I don’t get the brain moving, my “heart” steps right in behind it and the whole day just goes to pot.

Remember, the brain is like your computer.  The brain in the computer sends the picture to the screen, does all the calculations, and if it quits, the whole thing shuts down.  Just like the human body!

Exercise your brain just as you would any muscle and stay mentally fit!

By the same token, respect that you need to “reboot” periodically.  A good night’s sleep and an occasional vacation to recharge is just what the doctor ordered.  Again, like your computer, if you don’t reboot regularly, everything starts to get all messed up and slows down.

Maybe, you could start your own blog and force yourself to stretch your brain on a regular basis!

Make it a great day,


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for crossword puzzles!  I’m thankful for mental challenges.  I’m thankful God gave me the ability to decide what I need to do for myself.

What are you thankful for today?