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Better than Free Solution 
I’m really excited to share this with you…

I think I may have finally found

the solution to the #1 problem facing

ex-successful, now struggling business
owners and those who want to start online…
 but lack money AND/OR lack of skills.
If you’ve been held back from starting
or growing your business because you
don’t have the cash to get going or the
skills to succeed… OR if you are a leader
wanting to find a solution for your ex-downline
& prospects or teammates who have

been struggling with this issue…

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Make Money Even 4 Free 
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This is such a simple system and

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Don Gonsalves

Wittington College, 

London Road,

 Grinstead, GB


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Free Money

GDLC Goals

 You should all have a Small, Medium and Big Goal
with GDLC Every one Paid $5.00 to Join for Free Business.
plus 50 cents per month passive income from downline
Small Goal
Earn 50 cents x 1000 = $500.00 per month ( Within 2 months)
Medium Goal
50 cents x 10,000 = $5,000.00 per month ( Before 2021)
Big Goal
50 cents x 20,000 = $ 10,,000.00 per month ( Before 2022 )
See how I built a team of 15,000 + team members in one year
in 1989 without the Internet.and personally sponsoring only 4
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Now go and watch this part of this GDLC webinar video
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Move the timer to 5.55 minutes on the video several times
& take Notes..
See the Power of the ONE UP  ( Pattern Game) See MME , below.
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Don Gonsalves
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Brain Study

Feeling Great I could read this within 7 minutes.

How long did you take?

( I am 78 yrs. Being able to Read this made me feel really young).


Note the words below.

Initially, you will have difficulty reading them.

However, gradually your brain will interpret the words correctly.

Please give a chance for these words to speak to your brain.
*Here we go!*

7H15 M3554G3

53RV35 7O PR0V3


D0 4M4Z1NG 7H1NG5!

1MPR3551V3 7H1NG5!

1N 7H3 B3G1NN1NG

17 WA5 H4RD BU7

N0W, 0N 7H15 LIN3


R34D1NG 17 4U70M471C4LLY

W17H0U7 3V3N

7H1NK1NG 4B0U7 17,


C3R741N P30PL3 C4N

R3AD 7H15!

PL3453 F0RW4RD 1F

U C4N R34D 7H15

This is a very good example of a Brain Study:

*If you can read this, your mind is still young and has no Parkinson* Congrats!
From *Dr Justin Jones* in Melbourne:

This is a *REAL Neurological screening Test*

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Use Free GDLC to raise all the Funds you will
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The webinars will ensure you that you
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Never, gets a Negative Review in Google
search engines etc..
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One Legged Monster

You do not have to be a One Legged Monster like I was.

A One legged monster will get

you no where and you will make very little or no passive income
with a 2by2 Profit Sharing Affiliate Marketing. e.g Stiforp etc..
See why I am in a fantastic position to build a profitable
2 legged Monster for you & for me  because of my 6 yrs old,
massive Right Leg in my G business..
This is not possible with a Marketing Plan like Stiforp etc, that has attrition
and members are suspended & cancelled and are not members for life.
However, my offer to you can only apply to my G  business,
where your membership is for life even as a free member.
That is why I chose the username (donwins4free)
To succeed in any 2by2 Profit Sharing Affiliate Marketing
Business, you need to build BOTH your legs
Longer & Longer each month.
As I have nearly 17,000 members in my Right
Leg, I am in a fantastic position to build both 
your legs, because both your legs will be in my Left Leg.
I will try to spillover 2020 members under you this year (2020).
This offer will apply only to members who register
in January 2020.
If each of your 2020 members sponsor just 2 members
you will have over 6000 members this year.
99% of Affiliate Marketers in 2by2  Marketing do not
earn the high incomes available because
they succeed in building just One long leg.
I will help you build both your legs, because
I already have a very long leg that is nearly 17,000
members strong, thanks to my sponsor.
I was Brian’s  first sigh up 6 yrs ago.(June 2013)
No SPONSOR in any Marketing company
can make you an offer like mine. Not even
my Sponsor Brian who stopped personal sponsoring
2 years ago after he earned financial freedom.
Would you like to watch the video made for me by my sponsor Brian
that helped him to sponsor over 30,000 members
in his downline in both his legs, one of which is my leg of
16,780 members in the last 6 yrs.

Key 2 Passive Income

Hello Internet Passive Income 4LIFE ,Seeker,

In his world-renowned book, “Think & Grow
Rich”, Napoleon Hill says one of the keys to

success; is a “mastermind group”.

Key to Passive Income

What is this?

Well, it’s basically putting yourself around
others who are on your path and
dedicated to your success.

I know I’ve personally had income

from home success being in the

“right” masterminds.
And now I want to invite YOU to join mine.

Sometimes just getting one hint or “nugget”
from someone else who’s doing what
you’re doing… or more importantly already
done it before…

Can be the KEY that unlocks your success.

Everything you need to know to earn an

income from home is right here  

Talk soon!



A Passive Income guarantees financial freedom FOR LIFE,

because it increases every year, as long as the company

is active & growing.

How did I Donald Gonsalves , (when I joined at 70 yrs, Young)
build a downline team of 4000 + in GVO/HTP ?
Because I focused on inviting struggling Newbies
instead of wealthy Gurus.


Donald Gonsalves

Ebbisham Court, Wittington College

Felbridge, East Grinstead,, West Sussex GB


Hello Internet Income Seeker,
I am Reducing my plastic footprint  in 2020

I am focusing on digital products.

I think digital products are more
environmentally friendly products.
No packing with plastic bottles
or packets for postage etc.
Domain Hosting
Lead Capture System
Easy Video Producer
GVO Conference!



See an example of the many Easy Videos

I have made with EVP.

A lot better than Youtube videos for Affiliate

Marketing and helping the downline members.  

Get into Profits Fast with my help, so you too can

own an unlimited income potential business for free.
Pay yearly to get 6 months Free. Works out at under $10 per month



Keep It Super Simple

Believe it or not I have never

made a Youtube video in spite of
all the Gurus trying to sell me their businesses
saying I will not succeed without Youtube, videos.
I have made & still make all the money I need
with this & other GVO videos I made with my GVO,
Easy Video Producer
in June 2010. Ten yrs ago.
( Meet me for chat in Facebook first)
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Don Gonsalves

Affiliating Marketing Lifestyle

Affiliating Marketing Lifestyle
Hello potential Affiliate Marketer,
Affiliate Marketing is the best way
to make quick money on the Internet.
However, to avoid any risk of spending
too much money before you make any
money or profits, you must take certain
Join a One Payment for life Opportunity for starters.
Do not join a monthly auto ship payment business
until you are earning a passive income monthly.
Make sure it is a One Payment for life
upgrades. e.g. $150.00 for life etc.
or even a $3000.00 for life business if you got the money
saved in a low interest on your savings, Bank.
Ask yourself just one question.
Will this business last for 100 + yrs?
Why 100 + yrs?
Because you want your children & grandchildren
to benefit from your efforts of laying the foundations.
How can you check?
Put the name of the CEO/Owner of the company into
Google Search and see his/her history & credibility.

Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Business

that will enable you to Win4Free .
Make sure it is a One Payment for life
(These days because people jump from one opportunity
to the next yearly, you have to avoid monthly payments
opportunities like the plague) e.g.
12 x $25.00 = $300.00 per year.( Every year)
12 x $50 =$600.00 per year. (Every year)
But $150.00 for life etc .remains the same for life,
which works out cheaper every month.
To cut a long story short, check my one payment
for life Affiliate Marketing Business.
I have 35 yrs of Affiliate Marketing Experience & Success.
Meet me in Facebook
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Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips
Lucky to already be a Member of Karatbars?
Click on Marketing Tips by Donald for my Secondary
Paper Money Opportunities, so as to convert to Gold.
This entry was posted in Marketing Tips by Donald.
Don Gonsalves


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