Family Home Based Biz.

Family Home Based Business
Turn this NLS Health Business into a Family Wealth Business.
If your children or grandchildren were allowed to join a Health & Wealth business
who do you think they would have sponsored to Find their first 2
What if you could save $90.00 per month in your Piggy Bank .
or if you were already earning $10,000.00 per month in NLS
Who from this list of Family members would you want enjoy good health and wealth. Which 2 would you choose within 45 seconds to be your Business Partner for Free and Easter Gift the $30.00 p.m. for their membership?
1.Your partner if married
2. Dad.
3. Mum
4. Granddad
5 Brother
6. Sister
7.Mother-in law
8. Father-in law
9. Brother in Law
10 . Sister in law
11. Son over 18
12. Daughter over 18
Now all you would have to do is prove to your 2 Free relations
that it is possibe to make a fortune with this 2by2.
For you to make a fortune all you have to do is promote their links
a lot more than you promote your link, because with MLM, it is better to give than to receicve.
( This business is offered on a GIFT basis: pay what you can afford to pay for it:
We hope that this will help bring our work to people who cannot usually afford to pay the standard business fees.)

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Updated with this example ( 14th April 2017)

Excuse any Errors ( Just an example for you to understand the commissions for $24.97 per month for the Auto Responder))

50 x 3 = 150 per year = 12.00 per month. ( This has to be paid for one year in advance = $150.00 (Exact amount is $49.95 per year.)
25 x 3 = 75.00 per month. for 3 to 4 months
12 + 75 = $87.00 per month for three NLS + AR for reselling the opportunity.
88 divided by 4 = 22.00 per week = 22 divided by 7 = $3 per day for 3 family members.
You plus 2 personal sign ups. One on left and one on Right.
The secret of success ( SOS) is trying to help just 2 other people under you to build a team.
It is so much fun and easier to work for some one else, especially if you have invested your money for them to be part of your business.

Can you save or do a parttime job or sell some things on ebay or give up some fatty foods or drink or cigrates etc.etc to make an extra $90.00 per month in addition to your normal monthly wages at work. $90.00 X 4 = $360.00 for 4 months.
To earn $360.00 in 4th month you will need to cycle make 20 x 18 times = 360.00
and to make $90.00 per month, you will need to cycle 5 times a month = $100.00 per month.
Each Cycle pays you up to $20!
4 Left : 2 Right = Up To $20.00
2 Left : 4 Right = Up To $20.00
Total Students Students Left Students Right # of Cycles Total Income
6 4 2 1 $20.00
30 20 10 5 $100.00
My personal stats (For $100.00 in 2 months)
Cycle commissions
March 31, 2013 (5 cycles),
Pay leg: 21 members,
Weak leg: 13 members;
Monthly Income $100.00
60 40 20 10 Up To $200.00
150 100 50 25 Up To $500.00


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