I just lost my job and I need to make $4000 by end of the month”

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Here is one good reason why every MLMer

Should join MAP. All the big earners those earning

$1000.00+ per month within 3 months of joining

MAP have not heard of MLM. They joined MAP

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To earn their high daily income they need to click

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Try to be creative so they click on your ad.

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If you have a moment I woke up this am and
wanted to reach out to your personally…

So many people come to us and say hey “Joel,
I just lost my job and I need to make $4000 by
end of the month”


My simple answer is eek.. you better find a new job then!

Reason is we run a honest and legitimate business..

I am not interested in “taking” peoples money if they
don’t have realistic expectations of starting a business.

Although I have seen people make $4000 or more in their
first month, it is rare..


If you do have realistic expectations..

Like maybe wanting to make $500 your first month

Then here is what you need to do..

1. Watch our Corporate office video tour here

The video tour will give you a sense of security that
we are a real company (not operating in my basement)
Although that is where I started too.. in my basement!


2. Join our AMAZING facebook group here of over 25 000 amazing entrepreneurs

or click on Return  home.

Joining the group will show you we are one HUGE family of
great people who want to legitimately help you succeed!


3. Only if you are DEAD serious then join our team here for $1.00

Remember.. only if you are truly serious and you are
willing to out in at least 20 hours of work over the next month


____________________________No offense but I am not interested in working with people who
have quite frankly 
Ridiculous expectations like…“Hey, I joined up, where is my paycheck”

But if you are realistic, then here is my total guarantee!If you do not make $500 by end of month, call us or
put in a help desk ticket and we will refund you no questions
asked.I would love to help you succeed!
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I just lost my job and I need to make $4000 by end of the month

Updated in June 2014

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