KB is the only Biz. that the Big boys in MLM have Not, Blasted on Facebook.

Karatbars is the only business that the Big boys in MLM

are not yet involved because it is Not An American Biz.

This means when they join Karatbars they will all come

under the Early Birds (You and I). MLM is losing ground in the USA,

because of their many Scams and Failures, and loss of credibility.

The only reason why you have not seen this business blasted on

Facebook and your email, every day is because it is German

was not launched in the USA, until recently.

 Once the Big Gurus in the USA hear about Karatbars and

the 2 live meetings a day they have had for two years,

they will see, what is missing with MLM, opportunities

These days.

 This is one of my tool businesses that I use to help my downline

You do not have to join it because I can use my Stiforp tools to help you

When you join me in Karatbars.


Stiforp Link below.


I can use all My Stforp tools like the Traffic Rotator to

promote your and your downline Links.

( See why you do not have to join Stiforp to use these tools)




KB is the only business that the Big boys in MLM

have Not seen, Blasted on Facebook. So Newbies can

become Early Birds and sponsor the big boys under their




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