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Plan for New Year 2020 and be ahead of the Rest
Urgent Update November 2019

Three types of Affiliate people businesses

1. Little Attrition ( Little Cancellations & Suspensions)
2. Lots of Attrition   ( Lots of Cancellations & Suspensions)
3. Zero Attrition ( No  Cancellations & Suspensions)
Best is Zero Attrition, because even Little Attrition business
end up as lots of attrition business, before they go out of business.
Best is
How to Target Potential Millionaires to work with & for you. 
Hello Business Partner,
Go Back to Basics.  
Give Facebook & Email Marketing
a rest for two weeks

Go Back to Basics. ( See Video Below)

Sponsor business people with dreams
who are already in business and are
in danger of losing their business
of making a fortune.
Example of businesses I approached near my home in the 1980’s
& 1990;s with business cards and leaflet with my phone number.
Now you can give them your email address. But better if you can get their
email address as well.
Do not give out your business link, because they will do what they
are doing now, that is going into Google Search and joining
one of the Top earners etc.
Always remember you are looking for Just 2 to sponsor.
Just2willdo is all I have preached for 30 yrs.
Restaurant and Pub owners
Bed & Breakfast homes
Corner Shops owners
Small High street shop owners
Shop Suppliers
Painters & Decorates
Motor Mechanics
Market Stall holders.
Fish mongers
Etc, etc.
See Video
Feed back would attract more ideas and help from me daily.
Put #Just2willdo into Facebook search; for proof
of my promotions daily for 30 + yrs.
Looking To Build Your Online Business? 
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The MLM Catch

The MLM Catch.

Getting Fit or Getting Rich for Life is Simple and Easy.

Meet Don Gonsalves

Getting Fit or Getting Rich for Life is Simple and Easy. See Catch Below.

Thanks to the Power of the Internet.

Getting Fit or Getting Rich for Life is Simple and Easy these

Exciting Days of Internet Marketing.

To Get Fit and stay Fit for Life all you have to do is join the Fitness Gym

recommended by Don Gonsalves and follow the Owner of the Gym

and his secret instructions daily.
100% of the time you will Get Fit by following the Simple Exciting

instructions of the company Boss Joel T ( Not me).

It is exactly the same if you want to Get Rich.

Just follow the simple KISS instructions given by 36 yrs MLM experienced,

Don Gonsalves (Your Upline Sponsor Me) and follow my instructions daily.

Don Gonsalves

What is the Catch?

Yes there is a Catch.
Don Gonsalves has to catch you in his Network.
In his secret Network, for his downline only “ Go 6 Deep 2 Reap Club “ Network.
KISS = Keep It Smart Simple so as to Keep It Super Simple.

Join the “ Go 6 Deep 2 Reap Club ” to  join me and discover the Secret System

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and discover the MLM CATCH

The MLM Catch

Don Gonsalves


I am not a miracle worker.. but I can guarantee results 100% if you follow the system.

I am in the Ukraine, our staff is going to train and learn our system!

Hey Donald,Now keep in mind can be done from home for sure.

However.. with our re launch fast approaching, while I am here at my Ukraine office I am taking key members of the team to train and learn the system.

I admit… even some staff are very skeptical that only 7 minutes of intense exercise is all that is needed to get in truly the very best shape of your life.

Ok the next question is… “What about diet?”

Yes.. your nutrition is important but not hard.

I tell our members to follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Consume a 100 gram protein shake in the morning with breakfast.
2. Use your fiber supplement.
3. Do your 7minute workouts 3 times per week.

And that is it… if you can’t follow those 3 simple steps then honestly is NOT for you…

I am not a miracle worker.. but I can guarantee results 100% if you follow the system.

The third question. “Joel, how strict are you with diet?”

The only thing I focus on is making sure I get 450 grams of protein per day. From a mathematical standpoint here is why.

Right now I am a very lean 228 lbs. I try to get just around 2 grams of protein in per pound of lean body weight per day.

Remember I did say “around” 2 grams per pound not EXACTLY lol.

Protein builds muscle and burns a ton of fat!! That’s my secret.

Do I eat 3 large pizzas a day? No, I simply cant because when I eat protein I feel full, if I feel full I am not hungry. If I am not hungry I don’t crave junk!!

Plus.. no protein will turn into almost zero results!! The human body can not manufacture protein easily so we need to consume it.

I will be sure to do a lot of filming at the gym tomorrow. I am excited and I know you are too!!

Can You Talk About Your Fitness Exercise

to Get Fit For Life so as to earn a Reward?

Facebook and Twitter Link

I am not a miracle worker.. but I can guarantee results

100% if you follow the system.

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO


–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

Don’s Hot MLM Tip of The Day

Don’s Hot MLM Tip of The Day to all my 4117 Facebook Friends at 4 p.m. UK time

on Sunday 3rd April 2016 , while waiting for the finals of the Cricket match England vs West Indies in India at 2 pm.

England 155 from their 20 overs.
Come on England.You can do it. Win today.

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