SendShark Launched

Sendshark still the best deal on the internet!! 


Something surprising & very interesting is happening today..

The contest brought a lot of traffic and credibility to Sendshark. As such even though many people missed out on the contest I am getting a lot of PM on Facebook and emails about others who want the product.

During the ONE WEEK contest you could get “Unlimited Subscribers”

You can from this day on still get 50, 000 subscribers for only $25 dollars per month. 

Amazing NO BRAINIER offer.

The contest brought in 884 new Sendshark customers…

YES.. customers

That rocks because without customers you don’t have a real company or real opportunity..

Customers pay to use the product and don’t care about the MLM or affiliate opportunity..

Any long term viable company NEEDS customers

Every company needs real customers so thank you!! 

And again, the contest winners are..IN THE BACK OFFICE.


I am sure we will be able to repeat this contest again for the New Members.

Amazing NO BRAINIER offer.

Special Offer to you and your downline members
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Don Gonsalves