GetFitnRich Is My Username

GetFitnRich  is my Live, Love, Laugh

username because I had the vision


to see how easy it was to Get Fit and Rich with


and a meaningful username. 

Don Gonsalves, Kenya Harlequins Star Winger at age 20 to 25,
now a NowLifestyle, Rock Star
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–Joel Therien
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NowLifestyle .com

Slender Away with 7 Minute Workout

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Hey Don,

As I promised there is A LOT I am doing behind the scenes.

I have always built this company “your company” based
always on your suggestions and feedback.

Many, and I do many of the what I like to call “old school”
Network Marketers have asked for some sort of “introductory”
and tangible product for 7minuteworkout.

You asked for something you can leave for someone to try and
get real results really fast..

When people get easy results fast, then their mind opens up
to the possibilities.. now you will have their “FULL ATTENTION”

Well take a look at this below ( it is NOT complete yet) but it
is coming soon..


Slenderaway.. is coming to market!

Unfortunately, it will be available only in USA and Canada for now
but it is a new chapter in business 🙂

Have  a great Friday Don and Pam I appreciate you!!

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO


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