The Giant Traffic Rotator for Digital Gold Mines

The Giant Traffic Rotator for Digital Gold Mines

Discover how you can earn 10 times more Interest on your savings, if you can learn to save your paper money in the form of grams of gold, instead of paper money. Gold in grams is the strongest currency on the planet to day and for the next 100+ years.

The STIFORP Traffic Rotator is a great way to drive traffic to multiple sites simply by promoting one link. This allows you to build multiple businesses at the same time, test which landing page/video combination gets the best response, or to run a co-op ad campaign for your team.

You can add as many websites as you want to your Rotator and decide the “weight” or volume of traffic that goes to each one.

Your Rotator link to promote is:

All traffic sent to this link will rotate as you decide below.

Click on the Rotator several times to see if your

name appears.

Please give me feed back especially if you already got a Stiforp Rotator.

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