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Hello Business Partner,
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Give Facebook & Email Marketing
a rest for two weeks

Go Back to Basics. ( See Video Below)

Sponsor business people with dreams
who are already in business and are
in danger of losing their business
of making a fortune.
Example of businesses I approached near my home in the 1980’s
& 1990;s with business cards and leaflet with my phone number.
Now you can give them your email address. But better if you can get their
email address as well.
Do not give out your business link, because they will do what they
are doing now, that is going into Google Search and joining
one of the Top earners etc.
Always remember you are looking for Just 2 to sponsor.
Just2willdo is all I have preached for 30 yrs.
Restaurant and Pub owners
Bed & Breakfast homes
Corner Shops owners
Small High street shop owners
Shop Suppliers
Painters & Decorates
Motor Mechanics
Market Stall holders.
Fish mongers
Etc, etc.
See Video
Feed back would attract more ideas and help from me daily.
Put #Just2willdo into Facebook search; for proof
of my promotions daily for 30 + yrs.