Goa Fish Markets and Gold and Paper Money.

Goa Fish Markets and Gold and Paper Money.

Smart women in Goa. Turning Fish into Gold before

Karatbars found a way to do it on the Internet, with Cash Gold.

These Jewelers shop that surround the Panaji and Mapusa markets in Goa India

only exist to serve mainly the women who sell fish for very little paper money .

They have never trusted the Banks with their little paper money.


This lovely fish had to be sold very cheap, as there was no refrigeration

And the weather is hot. Cheap fish into bits of gold (Bit Gold)

Hundreds of Jewellery shops surrounding the Market.

Karatbars By Donald Gonsalves


White collar office workers use to laugh at these “fisher folks” for the

last 100 yrs. since paper money was created.

In the last 5 yrs. These women are now having the last laugh.

They have a lot more money than all the

Paper money that the Rich Merchants who took their paper money

And sold them the gold have in the bank..

See how these women who sell fish daily collect the paper money that they

Convert into small bits of broken Gold every day. They have

Done this ever since paper money was invented.

Mapusa Market which is just 20 minutes’ drive from

My ancestral home in the village.

I watch these pictures and videos in the United Kingdom often, so I can

Feel home sick, so I am forced to buy my air ticket

Every year.



Now you know why I have started converting my little paper money

savings into grams of gold on the Internet.

called Karatbars. Karatbars can be carried in your wallet

as currency. Denomination  of 1 gram, 2,5 grams and 5 grams.

Attached to Karatbar credit cards etc.

Like the fisher women have been seen stuffing into

Their “ top pockets” for the last 100 yrs. in Goa.

Mapusa Market which is just 20 minutes’ drive from

My ancestral home in the village.

My Silver Package was ordered only after

I had built a small team and was 3 deep in one of my legs.

Karatbars By Donald Gonsalves

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