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Hello Business Partner,
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Give Facebook & Email Marketing
a rest for two weeks

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Sponsor business people with dreams
who are already in business and are
in danger of losing their business
of making a fortune.
Example of businesses I approached near my home in the 1980’s
& 1990;s with business cards and leaflet with my phone number.
Now you can give them your email address. But better if you can get their
email address as well.
Do not give out your business link, because they will do what they
are doing now, that is going into Google Search and joining
one of the Top earners etc.
Always remember you are looking for Just 2 to sponsor.
Just2willdo is all I have preached for 30 yrs.
Restaurant and Pub owners
Bed & Breakfast homes
Corner Shops owners
Small High street shop owners
Shop Suppliers
Painters & Decorates
Motor Mechanics
Market Stall holders.
Fish mongers
Etc, etc.
See Video
Feed back would attract more ideas and help from me daily.
Put #Just2willdo into Facebook search; for proof
of my promotions daily for 30 + yrs.

Why Facebook?

2019 is Give Massive Spillover and create 

Duplication & Leverage for my 2by2 , Health & Fitness,

NowLifeStyle Home  Business Opportunities.

Members should visit my Facebook pages
daily to benefit from this spillover.
1.My Fan Page
2.Go Deep 2 Reap Club
3.One 4 All and All 4 One
4.Believers in 2by2 Passive Income Club
5.Home Business Partners
6.Don’s Biz.Fans & Biz.Partners MLM Club
7.Don’s  Zero Traffic and Zero Leads MLM Club
10. Private Members only Group
 11. Private NLS Ladies only Group
Follow me for MLM ideas and Guaranteed success.
Best Testimonial received today 31st October 2018
Nigel J Pearcey Well Don Gonsalves we maybe VIP members
but you are the overiding king and leader of our group giving a
shining light to follow on our road LIVING, LOVING and LAUGHING
all the way to the bank ????????‍????????????
Don Gonsalves Nigel J Pearcey I still cannot figure out how a blind man
can respond within 2 minutes and write such lovely comments.
I wonder what you would have done with your NowLifeStyle business
if you could see the lovey pictures posted daily by our Live, Love, Laugh
NLS group. God Bless 
Nigel J Pearcey God bless you also Don Gonsalves and yes it is true that I am blind
and so words are my main form of communication and as my partner often points out to me
I often see more than a person with eyesight, I listen to words and can usually figure out quite 
a lot about the person writing the words which gives me a wider view of the people around me
so I guess this can give me an advantage in other ways of learning in a world of people who
often act on viewing something without really understanding the meaning of the picture,
this means they never see the real picture.
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Testing my daughter’s site for Clicks
My Dream 10 yrs ago was to help my daughter.
What is your dream?
Thanks for helping me to test. Just click.
then come back to read this Blog again.
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Donald Gonsalves

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