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My fellow GVO Team Members.

As soon as GVO started paying me a commission from my

Free Profit Positions, I stopped asking what GVO can do for me,

and started asking myself what I can do for GVO.

Here is the result.

 I am the only one on Facebook who can keeps saying that

GVO, MLM and GVO 2by2 7mwo Power Leg are Easy and Simple Home

Business Opportunities to build?

The reason is because over the last 5 yrs the Company,  GVO has built a downline

of over 15,000 of which  11,439 are Active members, under my username donwins4free,

 including 1901 Profit Positions. Profit Positions donwins4free$1 to donwins4free1901$

Over the 5 yrs. with GVO I have been rewarded with 1901 Profit Positions

15 Spillover / Spill under downline  = 1Profit Sharing Position

150 Downline =10 Profit Sharing Positions

1500 Downline = 100 Profit Sharing Positions

15,000 Downline = 1000 Profit Sharing Positions

Repeat. As of 30th April 2016  I have 11,439  Active GVO members,

in my downline , down to 45 Levels Deep. ( Learn to Go Deep to Reap)


GVO is a Profit Sharing Company and the Owner and CEO Joel Therien works for

each and every GVO member daily from any part of the world and even on the plane

while flying from events and meetings.

See his recent videos from Ukraine.

Why GVO Streams of Income?

Tried and Tested the GVO Businesses and CEO and Owner for over 5 yrs.







I am not a miracle worker.. but I can guarantee results 100% if you follow the system.

I am in the Ukraine, our staff is going to train and learn our system!

Hey Donald,Now keep in mind 7minuteworkout.com can be done from home for sure.

However.. with our re launch fast approaching, while I am here at my Ukraine office I am taking key members of the team to train and learn the 7minuteworkout.com system.

I admit… even some staff are very skeptical that only 7 minutes of intense exercise is all that is needed to get in truly the very best shape of your life.

Ok the next question is… “What about diet?”

Yes.. your nutrition is important but not hard.

I tell our members to follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Consume a 100 gram protein shake in the morning with breakfast.
2. Use your fiber supplement.
3. Do your 7minute workouts 3 times per week.

And that is it… if you can’t follow those 3 simple steps then honestly 7minuteworkout.com is NOT for you…

I am not a miracle worker.. but I can guarantee results 100% if you follow the system.

The third question. “Joel, how strict are you with diet?”

The only thing I focus on is making sure I get 450 grams of protein per day. From a mathematical standpoint here is why.

Right now I am a very lean 228 lbs. I try to get just around 2 grams of protein in per pound of lean body weight per day.

Remember I did say “around” 2 grams per pound not EXACTLY lol.

Protein builds muscle and burns a ton of fat!! That’s my secret.

Do I eat 3 large pizzas a day? No, I simply cant because when I eat protein I feel full, if I feel full I am not hungry. If I am not hungry I don’t crave junk!!

Plus.. no protein will turn into almost zero results!! The human body can not manufacture protein easily so we need to consume it.

I will be sure to do a lot of filming at the gym tomorrow. I am excited and I know you are too!!

Can You Talk About Your Fitness Exercise

to Get Fit For Life so as to earn a Reward?


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I am not a miracle worker.. but I can guarantee results

100% if you follow the system.


–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO


–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

GVO about GVO

I have so, so much to share with you in the very near future.

The good news is it will be well worth the wait, I am ready to teach you everything you need to know as a learned skill to get to 6, 7 or even 8 figures in your business!

If you are ready to learn.. let me know on our intro video here!     <==Click


–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO & Pureleverage.com


GVO  about GVO

Food 4 Thought

Time to give the recognition some of the MLM, owners who deserve it.

Gonsalves Very Optimistic ( GVO)  about all the Global Virtual Opportunities ( GVO)  because of the transparency of the Owner and CEO of the company Joel Therein.


Don Gonsalves

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Easy and Simple Video Producer

Easy and Simple Video Producer

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Easy and Simple Video Producer

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Newest Videos updated on 29th Dec. 2016

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List of only a few of my hundreds of my early practice.videos














Newest Videos updated on 29th Dec. 2016

posted on Facebook.

Grandson doing #donsBBB <==Click Later

I wish Joel had produced this Home Workout System in 2014

when I started using stretch Bands for my 7 mwo / NowLifestyle. >>==>
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I want to focus on 12 sports people. I love their winning spirit.

My wife always starts her online
activity by #playing Solitaire.
She says it helps to move her bowels.
No idea how that happens!!

I on the other hand go into my MLM
back offices and look at my growing downline.
I focus on sponsoring a maximum of #12 in my
#inner circle and helping each of the 12 #sponsor
5 so I have a minimum of 60 in my second level.
Only problem these guys are so excited and
busy they have no time to go shopping for some clothes.
They say they will make enough money to send their
wive or partner ( a few are ??)  shopping for clothes.
Count the men in the circle sitting, and the outer circle.

I make it 12 and 60. So each of one sponsored 5

12 x5 = 60.

I look at the balloons being released and it reminds me

to promote my link or email address 4 times on Twitter

and 4 times on Facebook.



Why only 12 for life you may ask.
I keep thinking of the Guy who sponsored 12
fisher men over 2000 years ago and now has a team
of billions of active and inactive members in his downline.
I want to focus on 12 sports people. I love their winning spirit
of sports men and women able and disabled.

Experience of MLM or Internet Marketing
are of very little value if you do not demonstrate
#excitement and #inspire your downline with #hope.
Just work with a maximum of 12 downline team
members for life. Sponsor and Teach one a month
each year. 12 per year for millions of downline
for you grandchildren to enjoy #heaven on #earth!!