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“IN” or “OUT” of European Union makeS No difference WHEN you are “IN” Secure GVO , MLM.

IN or OUT of European Union make No difference WHEN you are “IN” Secure GVO , MLM


If you fail to Plan, you are planning to Fail.

My Plan is to delay the onset of dementia as long as possible using

MLM, to keep me busy and occupied in my old age.( Now 74)

I use the small incomes I earn from GDI (joined 2005)

And Stiforp (Joined 2010) to pay and cover all the cost of the following secure business

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GVO, 7 mwo (Muscle Building is Perfect MLM Product)



GVO, Host Then Profits



GVO, Pure Leverage



GVO, Got Back Up


GVO Titanium




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Karatbars ( Grams of Gold)

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Donald Gonsalves

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Karatbars is a business, a franchise except without the huge capital needed to start one. I just had a look today and the average Franchise in the UK seems to be around £5000 – £20,000 plus ongoing fee’s.


Have a look yourself.

Karatbars gives you everything you need for a one off €99 bronze/ €288 silver / €620 gold or €1500 for a VIP Package. *Marketing materials, stock, website, brochures etc all included and nothing more to pay ever! No fee’s subscriptions or ongoing costs. 


No targets, just build as and when you want and earn commission on your sales. 

Karatbars is a business in a box, a business in a box that has been making me pure profit from the first month I started. 


Free training and support, weekly newsletter, video tutorials etc comes from my office which you can put your own value on!


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  • Everyone in the world knows what your product is!
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  1. I have made this short tutorial today which once and for all kills stone dead the notion that Karatbars are expensive.


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  1. In the entire history of mankind no paper money has ever survived. Every version of paper money that has ever existed has disappeared. The dollar, Euro and sterling are going to do the same.


If you think that sounds like fantasy then this short video will 100% change your mind. If you watch this you will NEVER look at paper money in the same way again.


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All you need to do is print off the price list and 100 Squares to Success guide attached and off you go.

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If you bought a franchise from Subway you would do what Subway say and work it hard until it was successful.


Treat Karatbars in the same way and you will make more money than you ever could with any Subway or any franchise.

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Donald Gonsalves



Some  of the most helpful Karatbars affiliates I know, personally are making €50,000+ per week!! Wow!!

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  • Even Millionaire Brian Bear joined me in my Karatbar business. See why?

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    GDI ( Just  my first and simple MLM on the Internet.)

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    Testimonials of profit Sharing Members

    People I “associate” digitally in Google and Facebook are
    Ginny Dye, Rich Devos, Don Failla,  Tom Big Al,

    Joel Therien and Chris Reid and other like minded like millionaire
    Mark Januszewski (The Laziest MLMer)