Karatbars has now attracted over 200,000 customers and affiliates.

Karatbars has now attracted over 200,000 customers and affiliates and in a recent poll is in the top 100 direct sales companies in the world! With an unblemished 5 year histrory and great plans for the future there really is no better business to be involved in.

Start making money with karatbars in the next five minutes!



1.More detailed Information for free HERE
.You can join for Free and buy packages after building a team first.
Free and paid membership is for life. This means Zero Attrition and you will
never lose a downline.( Free or Paid)
2. Buy a package – Bronze €99,   Silver €279,  Gold €626,  VIP €1506 (With €100 Discount code)
It takes one minute to do you never ever have to pay anything else again! No monthly, yearly fee’s, no subscriptions, autoships or forced purchases.
Karatbars is NOT MLM – It is a direct sales company and you are buying a pack which will be delivered to your home by Fedex.
Test the water! Start at Bronze package for just €99, if you want to upgrade later you can simply pay the difference. I recommend silver as you get a gram of gold in it and it helps to have the product in your hand.
Once that package arrives in your hand you will only then “get it”
  To buy your package click HERE and pay by card or bank transfer. Really simple.
Just to clear up any confusion on points 3, 4 and 5 you do not have to buy gold to keep your account active. You never have to buy a gram of gold if you don’t want to.
Some Karatbars affiliates have been promoting a 12 week plan which tells you to buy 1 gram of gold every week.
That is just something some affiliates came up with for their own teams. Not Karatbars International.  Neither you as an affiliate or any of your customers have to buy anything ever. Buying gold is optional.
Its as simple as that, buy your package, get some people to watch my presentation and then when you start earning commissions you can start buying some gold. If you have the money to do both do both. The only thing you must do is buy the package to be able to get the units.
How much can you earn in Karatbars? 
Let me give you two examples… 1. If you join as a silver package member..  and 2 as VIP (Like me).
Karatbars Package
1. You buy your Silver Package, (€279), and it gives you 10% commission and €40 per cycle.
You sell 2 silver packages per week which makes you 2 x €27.90  and you get 2 x 20 units. (40)
In one month you have sold 8 packages making you €223.20 and 160 units.  This will give you 2 cycles so another 2 x €40 = €80

Total spend for month 1 = €279 , Total income is €303.20 


Most importantly you now have 8 affiliates in your group and you now earn a percentage of their sales in all future months! That is the power of Network Marketing!
Just 1 Cycle per day as a silver (75 units anywhere in your downline to infinity), will pay you €1200 per month
So you see it is simple…
If you want me to hold your hand and teach you daily I will. I can train anyone who wants the help and previous sales experience isn’t important.
2. Karatbars VIP – You buy your pack €1506 and you now earn 20% commission and €80 per cycle.
1 VIP per week is 20% of €1506 = €301.02  x 4 weeks is €1204.80  plus 400 units which is 5 cycles.  5 x €80 per week is €400

Total spend for month one is €1506 and Total income is €1604.80

Just 1 Cycle per day as a VIP will pay you €2400 per month. (30 x €80)
The important thing to remember is that your team of affiliates will start bringing in units too which you earn on to infinity. So after 6 months even if you sell no packages yourself you will still earn on the cycles being created by your team. And you don’t need to sell anything yourself! No autoships, no monthly fee’s or targets.
Zero Attrition makes a big difference between Success and Failure with MLM.
Sooner or later everyone will discover that it is Attrition
that is causing failure, even with MLMers who have built
Teams of thousands. Attrition is caused only in MLMs with
Monthly payments. Even yearly payments are not safe.
Why are so many high income earners and even millionaires
who are heavy recruiters beginning to struggle with their businesses?
Attrition. Caused only in Bizs with Monthly payments.
Hole in the bucket syndrome.
One payment for life is the way to go.
To learn more about how you earn with the cycles just watch this Karatbars Fast Start Guide Presentation.
Karatbars has now attracted over 200,000 customers and affiliates.>> http://www.pureleverage.com/donwins4free/?p=9116


Let’s do something different. Let’s look ahead to 1 September 2015.

Wow! Very Inspiring.


The great challenge in life is not to avoid the big mistakes – they’re usually not too hard to spot.

The tough thing is to notice when you’re coasting.

That feeling when days run into one another, and while perhaps those days aren’t terrible, they’re also not very enjoyable.

That’s coasting, not living.

Worse still, this is when time moves fastest. You want to make a change but you’re busy so you put it off until tomorrow.

And when tomorrow comes, you put it off until next week. And then next month.

And suddenly you look up and it’s September. And the best part of a year has gone by. And you’re still coasting.

Let’s do something different

Let’s look ahead to 1 September 2015.

Imagine that instead of coasting, you did something different.

You made a decision. Not one of those decisions where you tell yourself you’ll

magically turn into a different person and become disciplined and indestructible.

A real decision.

A decision to put yourself on a path where everyone around you has made the

same choice and is taking action on it; and where you have the guidance and support to get it right.

And now on 1 September 2015 you’re reaping the rewards.

Imagine… what would you like your rewards to be?

You’re handing in your notice?

You’re taking your dream holiday or travel adventure with your profits?

Your smiling image is staring out from the Leader Boards or even a 2 page profile in the newspaper?

This is not a ridiculous fantasy.

All these things and more have happened to people who have worked with me in MLMs like Karatbars.

And it can be you when we kick off this Monday, 1 September 2014.

It’s decision time, Don Gonsalves

See why here>

All you need is a computer and a Karatbars

Website link to share. Like this one.



Let’s do something different. Let’s look ahead to 1 September 2015.