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Using My (B.I.H.)1989 Offline Marketing Experience was my, Secret for Success with Online Marketing.

June 2014 Update.

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Using  My ( B.I.H.) 1989 Offline Marketing Experience was my
(A Nobody ) Secret for Success with Online Marketing.

“How My B.I.H. System Can Change Your Life FOREVER!”

B.I.H.= Bird In Hand

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I credit my success to my MLM Experience
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i.e Offline Marketing in the United Kingdom.

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My Goal is to live in a retirement village like this one in Goa
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retirement village with me. ( I will only move into this village
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thanks to GVO  and 7 Minutes Workout.

Gary Chappelle>>Level 2

Kausar Khan  >>Level  3
Carolyn Godavitarne  >>Level 4

Tissa Godavitarne  >>Level 5

Brian Bear   >>>Level 6
Bear Marketing>>Level 7
Dora Balogh & Michael >.Level 8
Cheryl Currie>>Level 9
Kimball Round>>Level 9
Stone Evans>>Level 9
Shaun Smith >>9
Simon Stepsys>>Level 10
Some of the many Others Gurus in Level 10 to Level 20
All of whom make my downline more secure by helping to create Leverage.
Some of the many Others Gurus in Level 10 to Level 30
All of whom make my downline more secure by helping to create Leverage.
Daegan Smith
Jacek Dudzic
Mark Call
Joel Peterson
Jackie Ulmer
Russell Brunson
Mike Filsaime
Terry Anglin
All the above Gurus some of who are millionaires are all in my downline.
How did I a ” Nobody ” In Internet Marketing in 2009 Achieve this Awesome Success.

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