Urgent Update November 2019

Three types of Affiliate people businesses

1. Little Attrition ( Little Cancellations & Suspensions)
2. Lots of Attrition   ( Lots of Cancellations & Suspensions)
3. Zero Attrition ( No  Cancellations & Suspensions)
Best is Zero Attrition, because even Little Attrition business
end up as lots of attrition business, before they go out of business.
Best is
How to Target Potential Millionaires to work with & for you. 

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[+] You are inclined to call MLM a scam because you didn’t make money by tomorrow… again work is needed.

I have been saving the best spots in NowLifestyle for GVO members because timing does help but it is not the end all be all..

Here is what I am looking for:

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