Mixing Business with Pleasure has been the Secret of my Success


Sharing a MLM Profit Sharing Opportunity  is very different to Direct Selling Opportunities like Click Bank products Amazon,ebay, etc. 

Teach A Women to Fish


Mixing Business with Pleasure has been the Secret of my

Success since I first had success in MLM in 1989.

Built a team of 3000 + in 12 months by personally sponsoring

Just 5 personals in the United Kingdom.

To do what I do you need 100% Belief in the just 2 will

do to make MLM work for you concept. Like I do.

Increase your belief by posting your/ our Joint Venture

Profit Sharing Link on my Facebook Time Line.

Post a Positive saying or a funny video or a joke

With your link, when you post on my wall.

Be creative and work Smart.

See example here.>>

Men are OK for Internet Marketing.

However, Women are better than men when it comes to MLM.

MLM needs follow ups and teaching of the KISS 2by2 Marketing Plan.

KISS = Keep It Super Simple

Try to have 50% of Women and 50% Men in your team

And see who do a better job.

Teach A Women to Fish


Jamie Ramsay Empowers Women

To a New and Exciting way to earn an income from home.




Food For MLM Thought.

Teach A Women To Fish

Mixing Business with Pleasure has been the Secret of my Success










If I was a Millionaire as many of you think I am…..

Hello every MLMer on the Internet,

If I was a millionaire as many of you think I am
because of the massive size of my downlines,
including dozens of Gurus under me who are
already millionaires;
I am able to do all this only becaus eof the MLM diet
I have live on for the last 34 yrs yrs.
Thnks to the following ”  MLM Chefs “and company owners
Rich Devos,  Ginny Dye, Joel Therien, Kimball Roundy,
and the

Karatbars Owner and Founder-Harold Seiz

and coaches like Don Faila, Big Al, and

Grow 90 grow>>Mark Januszewski
I would start my own MLM Company.
A One For All and All For One MLM company.
As your CEO I would make 100% sure
that each and every person who joined my company
would succeed using my Ethical Perfect Marketing Plan
which each and every one of you would be forced to follow
as I would be the CEO making all the rules in your favour.
My first rule would be never to have a Leaderboard promoting the
achievement of the Big hitters.( Recruiters)
(Clue if you have the vision to see what I mean.)
I would spend all my time teaching you to sponsor
and have a leader board to reward only the best Sponsorers
who helped their downline members to sponsor instead of recruiting
The CEO who has now got the closest to my ideal Marketing Plan
is Harold Seiz, CEO and Founder of Karatbars the CEO of Karatbars.

Make Easy and Simple Sitforp a Community Business for the first 30 days.

Build with 2 friends and relations.  After 30 days

build with your community in other countries through Facebook.

This way you will be able to Mix a lot of Business with a lot of Pleasure.

MLM must not be confused with Direct selling Businesses on the Internet.

Don Faila (no relation of mine.)


Part 2

Check this out and join for Free to see why this is the nearest to a Perfect
MLM Income from home Opportunity.


Hope to meet you in the Karartbar’s back office

to see how you can apply my Perfect Plan to your Karatbars,




TEAM = Together Each Achieves More.

Keep in touch.

Don Gonsalves
United Kingdom and Face Book

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