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Why is attrition in MLM taking place faster now than ever before?

Why is attrition in MLM taking place faster
now than ever before?
The answer is commonsense really.
99.9% of the Gurus and members are
focusing on the recently unemployed and
those who are about to lose their jobs.
All these people who join ( or are recruited)
without getting to know their sponsor are on Facebook
etc looking for any opportunity to replace their jobs
they are about to lose.
So when they do not make enough monthly income
to cover their monthly output on fees and advertising,

they have no choice. They are forced to quit.

What if all these opportunities were one payment for life
opportunities? If they were there would be No Attrition
yes Zero Attrition, and no one would get hurt,
in the wonderful MLM industry.
If they are under you, you suffer the loss of this attrition.
The Gurus and early birds make a fast buck, then it all
goes on advertising as more and more attrition accurs..
Is there a safe opportunity on the Internet with Zero
Attrition rate and 100% Commission.
Yes there is. Check it out quickly. It is important that
you do not lose out on the Best Opportunity in the History
of the world.
I have taken steps to prevent attrition destroying my MLM dream.
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