Not sure if MLM is for you? Check this E – Commerce Business.

Not sure if MLM is for you?

Check this E – Commerce business.

Not MLM but an Affiliate program like
Amazon Affiliates/Associates.( However, No Selling)

However, best explained using MLM diagrams

and videos.

Very exciting concept.

Unlike monthly or yearly auto ship payments;

this new concept is a One Off Payment for life,

and therefor Free to join and remain Active.

Zero Attrition and 100% Retention.

This means if you are luck to be an Early Bird

with a good sponsor, you will be able to help

your Free members in your downline financially,
to make this One Off Payment.

This is a Sharing Opportunity.
Sales people not Invited.(  If you Like Selling. Go to Amazon or eBay etc)

Did Recruiting instead of sponsoring change the human heart and spirit of sharing?



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Stop Playing The Numbers Game.

Stop Playing the Numbers Game

and hurting thousands of people unintentionally.
No point in saying after a few months of building a massive Team
that you did not know this could happen.

This happens in all monthly paying Biz. Opp. and monthly auto ships.
Stop Selling and Start Sharing this Easy and Simple Income
from Home Opportunity.
Did Evolution change the human heart and spirit of sharing?
Or maybe the Orang-utan is not our ancestor.

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Saving gold in grams Marketing Plan.
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