Play the Pattern Game and Not the Numbers Game.

What is the catch to make this a reality?
Play the Pattern Game and Not the Numbers Game.
Play the Pattern Game and Not the Numbers Game.
The Pattern Game creates massive Leverage and duplication.
The Numbers game played by Sales people leads to Massive Attrition
and Zero Retention of downline members.
This will only work if there is a way to

do it manually.

So how to you duplicate one a day and
become a millionaire in 30 days manually?

You cannot do this in 30 days.
How about 30 months?
Can you promote daily on Facebook to duplicate 1 a month?
The catch is very simple.
You have to teach the people you
sponsor once a month to duplicate you,

so they too sponsor 1 a month.
The Magic of Thinking Big is a Great book
for all Direct sales Gurus. MLMers need other
books to focus on duplication and Leverage.
>>See how I use my Easy Video Producer to help
my downline and your downline when you join.
With the Just 2 will do to make MLM work for you,
it is easy to focus on 5 or more MLMs at the same time.

More secure these days to earn $10,000.00 per month
from 5 Opportunities( $2000.00 each) than
$10,000.00 p.m. from just 1 Business!!

June 2014 Update.

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