Why does Joel Therien send so many emails?

Q&A about Gotbackup.

Q. ==>Why does Joel Therien  send so many emails?

A==>Because he believe in you more

than you do!!


Every day I get emails from folks asking why I send so many emails and honestly the answer is simple..

When I believe in someone.. that someone being YOU then I can be very persistent… VERY!!

Here is why…

Thousands of people are getting rich from the launch of Gotbackup.com

Yes… I did say thousands!

So.. it is not the product, but indeed some people lack the self confidence or an inner belief in themselves that they can do it!!

When there is fear, or lack of self belief then people stall, they never take action..

Here are the facts:

[+] With every email I send some 10% of my newsletter base take action and they end up creating a FREE account  <==( Click)

Did you know that the first action is the hardest? YES.. creating the FREE account is the hardest thing to do and here is why.

The laws of physics apply to human emotion as well.. What is in motion tends to stay in motion. What is at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an external force.

My emails to you is that EXTERNAL force 🙂

I 100% believe in our company and I 100% believe in YOU!!

So every time I send an email encouraging people to join us for FREE 10% of the people take action!!!

Knowing that I helped 10% get rid of their fears and believe more in themselves is EXACTLY why I send emails every day!


Some people unsubscribe… (like 1%)


Every time I send an email 10% put away the fears and skepticism and take action!!

And .. honestly that makes me feel really good!!

So look, it only takes 2 seconds so register for FREE now!   <==( Click)

No credit card is required… you can check us out for FREE

I am letting you take a look for free because we as a team are very proud of what we created..

[+] It is very simple
[+] It is very powerful
[+] It is something EVERYONE needs!

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No catches… check it out now.. I PROMISE you will love it!!


–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO & Pureleverage.com