I want to focus on 12 sports people. I love their winning spirit.

My wife always starts her online
activity by #playing Solitaire.
She says it helps to move her bowels.
No idea how that happens!!

I on the other hand go into my MLM
back offices and look at my growing downline.
I focus on sponsoring a maximum of #12 in my
#inner circle and helping each of the 12 #sponsor
5 so I have a minimum of 60 in my second level.
Only problem these guys are so excited and
busy they have no time to go shopping for some clothes.
They say they will make enough money to send their
wive or partner ( a few are ??)  shopping for clothes.
Count the men in the circle sitting, and the outer circle.

I make it 12 and 60. So each of one sponsored 5

12 x5 = 60.

I look at the balloons being released and it reminds me

to promote my link or email address 4 times on Twitter

and 4 times on Facebook.



Why only 12 for life you may ask.
I keep thinking of the Guy who sponsored 12
fisher men over 2000 years ago and now has a team
of billions of active and inactive members in his downline.
I want to focus on 12 sports people. I love their winning spirit
of sports men and women able and disabled.

Experience of MLM or Internet Marketing
are of very little value if you do not demonstrate
#excitement and #inspire your downline with #hope.
Just work with a maximum of 12 downline team
members for life. Sponsor and Teach one a month
each year. 12 per year for millions of downline
for you grandchildren to enjoy #heaven on #earth!!