Why GVO Streams of Income?


Why GVO Streams of Income?

Tried and Tested the GVO Businesses and CEO and Owner for over 5 yrs.

No Stress, No Tension, Self Motivating when you help downline, to enjoy same success

as you do.

Listen to my personal simple heart 2 heart, no hype video.


  • GVO/HostThenProfit – Just $9.97 a month for all the tools you need to host and create your own personal blog. Pays 5% referral fees down 10 levels. You would need 20 referrals to break even, this can be a combination of personal and downline referrals.

May 2016 for GVO

This low cost HTP tool that I purchased for under $10.00 ( UK £7.0 )

 so as to have Fun with my Family and Friends, is making me

 Profits as well, after I made them Free within 30 days.

 Because they happened to be Profit Sharing Product.

I chose the username donwins4free.


I got my Easy Video Producer from this HTP link below.


  • Got Backup – $8.97 per month for the License and $19.97 a month to become a Got Backup Reseller and earn 100% commissions first month and 50% following months. This means that with two (2) referrals your costs are covered.

May 2016 for GVO


-·  GVO  Pureleverage

A professional auto responder service, better than aweber or getresponse!

– An amazing video email service

– A conference room, similar to GoToMeeting


Plus so much more…

You can be in immediate profit with your team!

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May 2016 for GVO



May 2016 for GVO

  • GVO NowLifestyle 7 minutes workout

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May 2016 for GVO



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Why GVO Streams of Income?

Tried and Tested the GVO Businesses and CEO and Owner for over 5 yrs.


I am not a miracle worker.. but I can guarantee results 100% if you follow the system.

I am in the Ukraine, our staff is going to train and learn our system!

Hey Donald,Now keep in mind 7minuteworkout.com can be done from home for sure.

However.. with our re launch fast approaching, while I am here at my Ukraine office I am taking key members of the team to train and learn the 7minuteworkout.com system.

I admit… even some staff are very skeptical that only 7 minutes of intense exercise is all that is needed to get in truly the very best shape of your life.

Ok the next question is… “What about diet?”

Yes.. your nutrition is important but not hard.

I tell our members to follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Consume a 100 gram protein shake in the morning with breakfast.
2. Use your fiber supplement.
3. Do your 7minute workouts 3 times per week.

And that is it… if you can’t follow those 3 simple steps then honestly 7minuteworkout.com is NOT for you…

I am not a miracle worker.. but I can guarantee results 100% if you follow the system.

The third question. “Joel, how strict are you with diet?”

The only thing I focus on is making sure I get 450 grams of protein per day. From a mathematical standpoint here is why.

Right now I am a very lean 228 lbs. I try to get just around 2 grams of protein in per pound of lean body weight per day.

Remember I did say “around” 2 grams per pound not EXACTLY lol.

Protein builds muscle and burns a ton of fat!! That’s my secret.

Do I eat 3 large pizzas a day? No, I simply cant because when I eat protein I feel full, if I feel full I am not hungry. If I am not hungry I don’t crave junk!!

Plus.. no protein will turn into almost zero results!! The human body can not manufacture protein easily so we need to consume it.

I will be sure to do a lot of filming at the gym tomorrow. I am excited and I know you are too!!

Can You Talk About Your Fitness Exercise

to Get Fit For Life so as to earn a Reward?


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I am not a miracle worker.. but I can guarantee results

100% if you follow the system.


–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO


–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

Missed the webinar? Here is the replay ..

Missed the webinar? Here is the replay ..


Hi ,

If you missed the webinar you can watch the replay now on our fan page.

Watch the webinar replay here if you want to:

I will show you why:


>> crunches are useless for getting a 6 pack
>> why training hours is a waste of your time
>> eat more and lose weight fast!
>> How woman get sexy with resistance training


Missed the webinar? Here is the replay ..



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