Love Your Neighbour

The Lazy Man’s way to Financial Freedom.
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David vs Goliath
Automated Tool created by a Non
Guru in my NowLifeStyle  downline.
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Love Your Neighbour Share Profits of GVO, NLS.
Make your NowLifeStyle Downline & Upline,
your neighbour on Facebook

First watch & listen to this video, which was unplayable,

because of the old EVP format.

See why I quit my Job

Now that my EVP Video, has been converted to a >>mp4 >>video
I hope it opens. This video if it opens will change your life.

Hello my potential profit sharing Facebook Friends,

Making money on the Internet has become Easy

on Facebook, because the owner Joel Therien
is the only CEO, prepared to spend all his profits
pluss more on Facebook advertising, which is very expensive
but WORKS.
With NLS,you do not have to trust the owner, just listen to the stories
of the members, especially members who would have died a long
time ago without NowLifeStyle.
Once you trust the company, GVO, NLS, all you have to do is
search in Google for the Free tools of how to build a 2by2 Profit
Sharing Business.
Attend some of the meetings and watch the Get Fit videos to
Get Fit quickly.
Then watch just this one video to Get Rich Quickly
However, once we get a like minded person,
we can find lots of videos to get them
to get excited about the 2by2.Profit Sharing NLS.
I like this one.

Here is another one

                           9AM PACIFIC, 11AM CENTRAL, 12PM EASTERN

Recruiting webinar with your CEO Joel Therien (bring your guests using the link below)


Looking forward to being your neighbour & helping you to succeed.
Find me in Facebook
In addition to Facebook I have several tools
to help you sponsor , etc members.
Check them here.

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Welcome to the Inside of Pure Leverage
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And the one true system that is completely DONE FOR YOU!

Breaking News

I am looking for just 2 personal team members to lay my foundation.

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> No SEO (what is that anyway)
> No PPC
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Because it is completely done for you and
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… You are about to discover exactly what you need to
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So What is the Pure Leverage?
It’s an online community of people – just like you –
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each other make money (versus competing against
each other)… and the result is what we call the
Pure Leverage!   <<<<Click
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I know, I know… if you are like me you have been burned
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I KNOW you can relate?
Sure you can… BUT…. This is honestly DIFFERENT!Pure Leverage is backed by the Marketing Tools that EVERYONE
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It’s simple System For Success that is ….. well …….
…. Downright Diabolical!
Take a peek at this video now, and I hope to see ya
on the INSIDE of PURE LEVERAGE soon!
To the top,

–Joel Therien
Founder & CEO
PS – Don’t know how to set up an Auto Responder, Blog,
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The two simple things causing YOUR FAILURE online.. (details in this email)

Hi Potential Sensible PL blog user,,

You know making money online is easy..You want
to know why most people fail?

It is simple, only two things lead to failure..

1. An improper system designed specifically to generate
you an income on Auto Pilot

2. Sadly, 99.99% of people never do one thing..
They NEVER take ACTION!!

After 15 years I have seen time and time again the only
two things that cause failure is a simple system and

Here is the BAD news..

I don’t know who you are.. so I can not MAKE you
take action.. BUT

Here is the good NEWS.. is the simple that YOU need to

This is what the system does..

>> captures leads for you (everyone needs leads)
>> puts those leads into a system that gets them to KNOW you
>> Gets those leads to convert into SALES!!

Sounds simple right? Well it is, the hard part is creating
the technology so that it is simple..

So as long as YOU take action now..

I have the VERY simple sales funnel and system that will
make you money..

If it does not.. but it will, I will give you a no questions asked
30 day money back guarantee..


Today and today only you can try this simple system for
just $1.00!

See you in the back office so I can do for you what a sponsor

is supposed to do to help anyone who becomes his or her partner in business.


Don Gonsalves


Did teaching how to Recruit instead

of teaching how to Sponsor

change the human heart and spirit of sharing?

Say hello to Don on Facebook

Ask me How To?



Go here to my awesome Pure Leverage Blog Platform
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Zero Attrition and 100% retention model like KB.

Good to see another MLM company

copying the Zero Attrition and 100% retention

model like KB.

Where there is a will there is a way.

It  happened with the 100% commission

model a year or so ago.

5MM done for you system by Kimball Roundy looked too good to be true, so I said I would only promote 5MM when and if I got paid.

I got a Bonus Pool payment into PayPal today. Wow!!


Date: 6 Feb 2014
Time: 02:41:42 GMT
Status: Completed

5MM Bonus Pool
Custom Note:
5MM Bonus Pool through 1/31/2014
Payment type: Instant from
Thank You my friend Kimball
for creating a 100% retention and Zero attrition
MLM type Marketing Plan.
See why I am so excited this is possible.

Why I Left The Network Marketing Industry…

(And What I Might Do Next…)


If I was a Millionaire as many of you think I am…..

Hello every MLMer on the Internet,

If I was a millionaire as many of you think I am
because of the massive size of my downlines,
including dozens of Gurus under me who are
already millionaires;
I am able to do all this only becaus eof the MLM diet
I have live on for the last 34 yrs yrs.
Thnks to the following ”  MLM Chefs “and company owners
Rich Devos,  Ginny Dye, Joel Therien, Kimball Roundy,
and the

Karatbars Owner and Founder-Harold Seiz

and coaches like Don Faila, Big Al, and

Grow 90 grow>>Mark Januszewski
I would start my own MLM Company.
A One For All and All For One MLM company.
As your CEO I would make 100% sure
that each and every person who joined my company
would succeed using my Ethical Perfect Marketing Plan
which each and every one of you would be forced to follow
as I would be the CEO making all the rules in your favour.
My first rule would be never to have a Leaderboard promoting the
achievement of the Big hitters.( Recruiters)
(Clue if you have the vision to see what I mean.)
I would spend all my time teaching you to sponsor
and have a leader board to reward only the best Sponsorers
who helped their downline members to sponsor instead of recruiting
The CEO who has now got the closest to my ideal Marketing Plan
is Harold Seiz, CEO and Founder of Karatbars the CEO of Karatbars.

Make Easy and Simple Sitforp a Community Business for the first 30 days.

Build with 2 friends and relations.  After 30 days

build with your community in other countries through Facebook.

This way you will be able to Mix a lot of Business with a lot of Pleasure.

MLM must not be confused with Direct selling Businesses on the Internet.

Don Faila (no relation of mine.)

Part 2

Check this out and join for Free to see why this is the nearest to a Perfect
MLM Income from home Opportunity.

Hope to meet you in the Karartbar’s back office

to see how you can apply my Perfect Plan to your Karatbars,



TEAM = Together Each Achieves More.

Keep in touch.

Don Gonsalves
United Kingdom and Face Book

Save and book mark this link.

Struggling MLMers and Newbies. Put all your eggs in this one HTP basket.

Struggling MLMers and Newbies.. Are you prepared to forget all your

other streams of income for 30 days
and put all your eggs in this one HTP basket

until you are making a profit with my help which
will last you a lifetime?

Discover how I your upline sponsor

will be able to help you to earn $10.00
per month quickly with this EVP tool
so your $9.97 per month business
becomes free within your first 30 days.
The secret to Get Rich quickly with MLM
is to earn $10.00 quickly, so you are in profit
before your monthly payment is due.

Now Check this EVP tool out.
Start Learning to Sponsor
with Easy Video Producer.

Easy Video Producer is like this simple tool.

Very few if any MLMer are using this simple

value for money tool, to get their one a month sign up.

Host Then Profit

Not Profit Then Host

Host First Then Profit

Get a Life with donwins4free and GetFitnRich ( All Lives Matter )

How do Nobodies like me become Somebody with MLM?

Get a Life with donwins4free and GetFitnRich ( All Lives Matter )

Want The Freedom – to finally get paid what YOU are worth.

Want The Freedom – to change your financial future.

If you want The Freedom – what are you waiting for?

The clock is ticking. What are you waiting for?

I realized as early as 1980, when I was introduced

to MLM, that all lives matter with MLM.

All you had to decided is to GET A LIFE.
The answer my friends is My KISS plan.
Why is the #KISSPlan so Hard to Learn?

Because the MLM Business Links we all promote
are too long and complicated and even boring
and repetitive.

Start here to Get a life with donwins4free and Karatbars.

Karatbars By Donald Gonsalves


What is your next step?

The answer is understanding what MLM vision means.
What do you see when you join an MLM business?
Do you see what I first saw, 33+ yrs  ago (Jan 1980) when I first saw
the MLM concept, offline?
Do you see what I see when MLM went online.
Can I help you to see what I saw that will enable you
to use the KISS Plan to succeed?
I have searched Google for the last month and have not seen any one
do MLM like the way I do it.
I have teams of thousand and I always say MLM is Easy and Simple
if you use the KISS plan that appears so hard to learn.
List of MLM that I do from home.

Get a Life with donwins4free
GVO/HTP (For the EVP Tool)

Username is ( donwins4free )

My Links to Link up with me for your Success

Get a Life with donwins4free

PureLeverage ( For the Authority Blog)

Username for PL is (donwins4free)

7 Minute Workout ( For Fitness and Weight Loss)

Get a Life with FitnRichDon

My username is (FitnRichDon)


My wife’s username is ( GetFitnRich)


Stiforp ( For the Giant Rotator to help my massive downlines )

Get a Life with FitnRichDon2

Username for Stiforp is ( GetfitnRich2)

My Stiforp Links in 20 languages are in this blog,

I highly recommend this to you.


Karatbar.( To turn insecure paper money into small bits of Gold )

Username for KB is ( donwins4free)

Start here

Get a Life with donwins4free and Karatbars.

Karatbars By Donald Gonsalves



GDI ( Just  my first and simple MLM on the Internet.)

Username = (GoanLifestyle)

Testimonials of profit Sharing Members

People I “associate” digitally in Google and Facebook are
Ginny Dye, Rich Devos, Don Failla,  Tom Big Al,

Joel Therien and Chris Reid and other like minded like millionaire
Mark Januszewski (The Laziest MLMer)

I just heard this Motivating Song on the radio. WOW!

I just heard this Motivating Song on the radio. WOW!

Start a new life of making money from home.

I just heard this song on the radio. WOW!

You know that one that makes ya feel all warm
and fuzzy inside. The one that gives you the
ENERGY and just puts ya in a GREAT Mood!

Think about one of those songs that make you
just feel plain……. Awesome!

Isn’t it amazing how that can make you feel.

Well, I am getting that feeling more and more
and it’s not just because of a song.

Start a new life of making money from home.#Justsayin

Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Pure Leverage.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Pure Leverage

PL using The Pure Leverage Blog and Don Gonsalves
as your adviser, is so Simple and Easy. I call it the Poor
Dad /Mom, Franchise.

A  good franchise will
cost $50,000.00 or more, and it will
take a lot of hard work and well paid
employees and sacrifices and risk to
make it profitable in 3 to 5 yrs if you are lucky!!.

A Poor Persons Franchise( Pure Leverage) cost less than $100.00
for a month or two before it becomes profitable.( And no Luck required)
Not many people and Bank manages are aware
of the way PL works.
Even Google and Facebook and especially Bank Managers
are clueless as to how one person
with an investment of less than $100.00 can earn thousands

even a million dollars( Net Profit) in a few years “Indoors”.
Where can you find this “unique” poor person’s
If you have seen others make fortunes on the Internet
and  you have very little savings in the bank
please inform your bank manager as soon as you
“You never know he ( Rich Dad) may tell his son or daughter
to read your Pure Leverage blog”.

Subject: Did you call your bank?

This is a notification to call
your bank immediately…

…because once you “turn on” the
Pure leverage system, they’ll need
advanced warning regarding the MANY
commissions that will be deposited into
your checking account on a DAILY basis!

It’s always better to give them a heads up
as to not think you’ve got any “illegal Indoor”
activity going on with the influx of
random deposits!



I can tell ya – It CAN happen for you!

Have you read this book?