You did it! You finished! CONGRATULATIONS!

June 2014 Update.

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The Ultimate Life Company - 21 Day Challenge

You are receiving this email because you registered for the ULC 21 Day Challenge.

The first person to Believe in me and motivated me to success in Internet Marketing

was Ginny Dye.

My 7 yrs old website that I still use so team members can see

the simplicity of duplication.


Hello Donald,


You did it!  You finished!  CONGRATULATIONS!

I also know that you understand you have just begun… You’ve just begun the rest of your life with all you have learned. It’s time to make the rest of your life an amazing adventure – just as the last 21 days have been.

I so hope the Ultimate Life Company is going to be part of your life for the rest of your life. I long for you to have ongoing webinars and resources to keep you focused on all you can be – helping you through the inevitable challenges and changes of life.

And, just as a reminder… you have 24 hours to upgrade to make sure you receive your monthly Customer Rewards from people you referred to the Challenge who have upgraded. I just don’t want you to miss out because I so appreciate you helping us spread the 21 Day Challenge to millions within the world!

When you upgrade you will have access to our entire archives – a goldmine of webinars, ebooks, audios, and more. You will have instant access 24 hours a day to the top teachers, coaches, speakers & doctors in the world!

When you upgrade you will receive regular emails from us that will notify you of the 12 – 14 brand new webinars we do every month – $1000+ of webinars & bonus resources

And, if there were parts of the 21 Day Challenge you missed during the last 21 Days, upgrading will give you the 21 Day Challenge as part of your membership – for you to take at any time, along with all the new Challenges that will come up!

My hope is that you have learned the value and power of being a life-long learner! I want to be part of your life for a very long time!

And, make sure you maintain your connection with your friends from your Facebook group! These will last you a lifetime, opening connections you never dreamed of as you continue to move toward, and live, your own Ultimate Life!

Have an Ultimate Day!

Ginny Dye

The Ultimate Life 21 Day Challenge!

P.S.  Feedback from Day 21 with Ginny Dye!
What a great finale to a great 21 Day Challenge. I plan to go thru the challenge again, maybe at a slower pace, as I re-apply everything I’ve learned, and gather new insights as I grow.

I like the ideas that we come with a user’s manual, and I’m the only one that knows what’s right for me. I need to get quiet and answer why I believe what I believe.

I live on a mountain covered in Ponderosa Pine. I live in a little piece of heaven. I need to take advantage of it and use it to get quiet. I listen to my inner self quite a bit, usually in the shower. I need to set aside a quiet time where I can listen on a regular basis in an environment where I can write.


If I’m going to take some quiet time for myself to think and listen, it’s imperative that I journal as well; otherwise I’ll forget. A couple times a week we travel about 80 miles. Usually my husband and I don’t talk much when we travel. I love this quiet time to think. Sometimes I get interrupted, but that’s part of life. Now I need to take my travel time to listen.


I committed to this challenge because my winter hours are so empty and I couldn’t handle just sitting around. I will never remember all the great lessons presented to us without reviewing, but I feel like I’m walking away with enough to make a huge difference in my life. Listening to my inner voice will take some time and practice. I hope it has patience with me.

When Ginny announced the one word of what we must do and said it was ‘Listen’, I immediately thought of what everyone else thinks – listen, really listen to people – be a good listener. I was surprised when she said it wasn’t others, but to yourself. I never really thought about doing that before in the way she said she does it. I need to find a place I can call my Magic Mountain here in Kansas – LOL.


I want to start listening to myself more. Writing in a journal to get your thoughts out there for the day sounds like a great place to start. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in wondering what other people think that we forget to ask ourselves what we think and listen to ourselves. Such a great reminder!


LISTEN. Not to others, but to yourself. Let Ginny Dye help get you on a course of action to listening to yourself – the person who holds the answers for your life’s journey, not someone else. Learn to make it a priority to be QUIET and LISTEN – EVERY day. Listen for answers from within.



And now our time together for the 21 Day Challenge has come to a close. I so appreciate the opportunity to be part of your life for the last 21 Days! 

I believe in you!


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