Who is a Guru? Who is a Doru?

Who is a Guru?  Who is a Doru?
Who is a Guru?
A Guru is a teacher. They teaching by talking, talking,
talking to their downline team members and anyone
prepared to listen and buy their coaching, eBooks etc.
Who is a Doru?
A Doru teaches by doing it for you for Free
because you have already invested time and money
in their business.
They do, do and do it for their downline.
I am a Doru.
I know and can do it for my downline.
However, I can only do it for you weekly, if you
send your promotional link, to me every week.
It is like Facebook. Out of sight out of mind.

Email me here>>donsrelaymkt@gmail.com
Subject:- Don’s Relay Marketing.

Don Gonsalves

Send me your promotional link, if you are in my downline.

 Don’s Relay Marketing
Done for you using the Relay 4x100m and 4x400m Relay, race Concept that I have used  and mastered for 30 + yrs in my MLM opportunities.




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