Time to Quit MLM or Join this Non MLM, better than MLM Business

Listening to Daegan Smith has made me glad I have joined


On The Next LIVE! “Money, Power, & Freedom” Show…
“How To Find And Eliminate Self Lmiting & Self Sabotaging Beliefs.

Last night’s “After Hours” show @ 9pm was killer.

It was raw, honest, and important if you’ve ever dealth with self doubt, a
loss of belief, or passion because of a setback in your business.

I gotta thank Jaime for showing up and having the balls to ask this…

“Daegan, my first business failed, and I’m like turning 30, and my
confidence is gone is gone in this game. Like the whole internet marketing
thing is just… I’m beaten down. Do you ever have to deal questioning
yourself? Questioning failure?”

From there, this is the frank conversation that ensued:

– Daegan “Ohh Yeah!” Smith

P.S. IMPORTANT – Replay @ Live Redo Of Chapter 3 Of”How To Create
Unstoppable Income” I’ll have a fully pro automated replay version available
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Listening to Dagaen Smith will either make you

Quit MLM for life or try and build your Karatbars

Business if you are already in it.

Daegan Smith happens to be in my GVO downline ( Yes my >>Donald Gonsalve’s GVO downline.

For the last 3 yrs and I know everything he says is true.

He has personally sponsored over 1000 people on his first level of GVO

and nearly all of them have sponsored Zero people under themselves.

I go into my back office daily to check this out. Many quit  monthly.

He has made a fortune from these people and they have made Zero $’s

Now you know why I joined  Zero Attrition Karatbars and

why I promote  Member for Life Karatbars.


Listen to Daegan and Maximum Leverage, and see what I mean.

– At Least 61 Businesses Doing Over $50k+ Per Month And…
Four Doing Over $1,000,000 Per Month ALL Started Right Here Too…

At this point I’ve written over 10,000 emails and I don’t think I’ve ever
NOT had typos and grammar errors.

Good thing those things don’t matter when it comes to running a business
online. Please look past them. For some reason, I can’t help it.

300 New Jersey Ave NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC ,20001
United States



Now you know why I joined  Zero Attrition, No Monthly Fee,  Karatbars and

why I promote Member for Life, One payment for life, Karatbars.


Time to Quit MLM or Join this Non MLM, better than MLM Business.



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