Why are Smart Successful Networkers still saving their money in Banks?

Here is one good reason why every MLMer
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Why are “ Guru” Internet Marketer

like my Sponsor Simon invest all their

massive MLM bonuses Into MAP?

Here is why

How much would you earn with MAP if you invested

$5000.00 or even $50,000.00? for ad packs

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All you have to do to earn this income is click on 10 ads per day.

That is the only difference between the Bank

And MAP.

The banks make a fortune investing ” your savings with them ” in companies like MAP.

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Here is one good reason why every MLMer
should join MAP. All the big earners, those earning

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Food For thought
$50.00 invested in the Bank at 10% interest = $5.00 only
No wonder people are investing $1000.00+ every day with MAP.
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Why are Smart Successful Net-workers still saving their money in Banks?


Updated in June 2014

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