Work Smart and No One can stop your progress in MLM.

STIFORP is Breaking Records!
Below is a list of our Top 100 leaders since our pre-launch on July 20th, 2011 and the number of personally enrolled members that have joined their teams.

Congratulations to all of top leaders and their teams for setting the pace and making STIFORP the most powerful and duplicatable home based business opportunity in the industry.

STIFORP is Breaking Records!


Work Smart and no one can stop your progress in MLM.

See why I love MLM and MLMers.

No >> 78>> Octa Rendra ★★★★★ ( Yes, Yes, Yes, In my Stiforp downline sponsored by James Galloway) and also in my GVO downline.

No 100>>Neil Verlander by dear Stiforp sponsor

Now Neil Verlander ,is in my Karatbar downline and Pure Leverage downline.

No 21>> Paul Hardingham ( Not in my Stiforp downline ) but my upline sponsor, in Pure Leverage


No 27 >>Derek Bohlken ( Not in my Stiforp downline) but responsible for my massive downline in 7 minute workout , Fitness program.

73 >>..Shaun Smith>>   ( Not in my Stiforp downline ) but in my massive GVO and 7 minute workout downline


I keep my MLM simple and easy thanks to Stiforp I use the 2by2 Stiforp

Plan within all my other opportunities.

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