Cracker Jack

Making Offers People Can’t Refuse

Most people like to get a good bargain when purchasing something.

You will often hear people describing something they purchased by telling about how little they paid for it by wrangling a good deal. Or how they got the seller to throw in a bunch of extras to make the final product worth more.

Another method that has been around for decades is to throw in an extra bonus item when the purchase is made.

Years ago, people would send in box tops, or some other form of proof of purchase, to the vendor to get their bonus item.

Other products, would insert a surprise gift in the product packaging that the buyer would find after opening it.

Either way, these extra enticements sold more products for the vendor allowing them to outsell their competitors. Continue reading

Do you value your personal growth

Personal growth can lead to great gains

Focusing on only one aspect of your business is not going to lead to long term success.

Narrowing your focus for short periods is beneficial, but if you keep it too narrow for a long time, it will not get you to your desired goal.

You have to balance all the facets of your system to make the whole venture grow.

You need to step away from the day to day routine and let your mind rest from time to time. Continue reading

money mindset

Have You Developed a Healthy Money Mindset

Do have some ideas about money that you developed from a young age?

We all heard different sayings about money while growing up that may have influenced the way we think about it.

Some examples are:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Money will lead to no good
  • Money can’t buy happiness

These old sayings may still be influencing the way you act toward money now that you are an adult.

Watch the following video to help you with your money mindset:

Continue reading

Benefits reporting

Have you been forgetting things lately? This could be why….

Doctors are working to determine the benefits of exercise
regiments in improving cognition and reducing normal
memory loss so that specific exercises can be assigned to
improve memory.

Adding to the long list of benefits that exercise provides
to overall health and giving more reasons to get off of
the couch and get active!

ExercisingStudies are now showing that physical activity reduces stress and anxiety disorders that contribute to many memory issues as well as providing evidence that exercise may prevent, or delay, dementia. Continue reading

The advantages of goal setting

How are you at setting goals for yourself and how often do your review your goals?

As another month starts, I just wanted to bring this topic up, especially for those who do no more than set a New Year’s resolution each year.

These people seem to be using the “set it and forget it” method of goal attainment. Which, by the way, does not work well!

If you truly want to achieve your goals and start living the life of your dreams, you have to remain focused on your goals daily.

Like Earl Nightingale mentions in his “Strangest Secret” recording, you should think about your goals several times a day to keep them fresh and alive. Continue reading

Decision making

What types of decision making do you use?

Decisions are a part of every day life.

Many people avoid making concrete decisions and decide to do nothing.

But in so doing, they have actually made the decision that takes them in a certain direction that may change where their life is heading.

There are different types of decision making

You can make decisions proactively and decide to do something, or be negative and decide to do nothing.

It is so much easier to say “I can’t do that” than it is to ask yourself “How can I do that?”

When you tell yourself you can’t do it, that’s all you have to do. Your job is done and you can go back to watching reruns on TV. Continue reading

A workable plan

How to Turn Your Dream Into a Workable Plan

As a coach, I find it difficult to watch the lack of progress of so many promising entrepreneurs and coaches. The main cause for this disappointment is a lack of action.

They dream so elaborately and for so long about creating a solid, sustainable business, and yet, all they do is dream.

You know the people I’m talking about. They attend conferences, sign up for free webinars, buy paid training, and sometimes even work with a coach or two.

And yet week after week, month after month, year after year, they fail to take any concrete action toward their dreams.

Is this because they’re just lazy? No. It’s something worse.

They don’t know how to move from a dream to a plan that’s keeping them stuck in their current situation. Continue reading